I'm going to number these so you can easily choose.  As much as I love posting a lot of pics, we don't need very similar ones, and some real estate photography gurus feel we also don't need to inundate potential buyers with too many pictures - just enough to get them in the door.  Also, we can do some touching up, but we really can't remove spots like in picture #4 (the dark circles), because it is what it is. We spoke about this with the master bedroom carpet & the difference of where the mattress was. That is how it shows & we can get complaints if we do too much altering.  And I hate to repeat myself, but it is so much more difficult taking photos of a vacant home.  They are always going to be stark, without depth, and basically walls, ceiling & floor.

1.  Jimmy took this shot because he wanted the downspouts out of the way


2.  This is how it looks with the downspouts - we only need one of these


3.  Even more downspout, & the discolored brick is starting to show at the end


4.  This one or the next?


5.  Shows the downspouts but not the dark spots on the cement as much


6.  Living room windows from dining room


7.  A more angled view of the windows - I think this looks better


8.  Straight on from the window wall


9.  I think this one is better


10.  Dining room windows from living room


11.  This is a shot from the kitchen without showing any cabinets so a full shot of this area


12.  Same shot on an angle


13. Nice one


14. This is a closer shot of the mirror storage


15. Farther shot, which makes the space look larger


16.  Farther shot with bathroom lights on - not sure which one I like better so I'm letting you decide - I think the lights might be a distraction


We also have some new pics of the back & shed (it was very bright out the first time pictures were taken & there were a lot of shadows).  However, now there are a lot of leaves so I don't know if I should add them.  We don't have to add any, add one or two & either leave the original photo or remove it.





19.  I like this one