White Castle Reservations for Valentine's Day

Posted by Judy Orr on Tuesday, February 14th, 2006 at 11:52am.

Living in Chicago and having access to many White Castle restaurants has numbed me to how special White Castle sliders are to many people. Especially those that white castle hamburgerhave moved to a non-White Castle area.

My first apartment was right behind a White Castle in Blue Island.  Clean-up after a party meant collecting many White Castle bags & burger boxes.  It was very convenient as I was "trying" to cook gourmet.  I remember spending about $26.00 (a lot of money in the 70's) to make a crab curry dinner.  I had never had curry before and did not like it at all.  I gave it to the cats and they didn't even eat it!  Thank goodness for that White Castle.

I couldn't believe reading an article about people that actually made "reservations" at many local White Castles for Valentine's Day dinners! Some of the restaurants were fully booked.  There was a special section for the romantic dinners (nothing more romantic than the smell wafting around of those steamed onions & questionable patties). They set up with tablecloths, candles and music. And waiters & waitresses actually served diners at the table.

Unbelievable, and I just wish I would have known about it ahead of time. I would have most certainly been there.

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