Valentine's Day in Southwest Chicago Suburbs

Posted by Judy Orr on Wednesday, February 14th, 2007 at 3:16am.

I don't associate Valentine's Day with snow. We didn't have a white Christmas but we are having a white Valentine's Day.  That's to be expected in Chicago and the buying an orland park home for valentine's daysouthwest suburbs.  Of course, we're not the only state that was hit hard with the blizzard yesterday.  At least it's warmer out than it has been.

I can't beat last year's Valentine's Day post about celebrating at White Castle.  So I decided to search for a good story.

The following is quoted from MSNBC and is appropriate for a real estate blog:  "Last year, my wife and I wanted a simple Valentine's day.  Nothing out of the ordinary is what we had agreed to.  After all, it was only days before when we were told that our mortgage for our very first house was acccepted and a closing day was set.  Being under "orders" not to buy anything, I still managed to get flowers and chocolate for my wife and 3 yr. old daughter.  My wife surprised me by filling up the gas tank in the minvan, which is something she never does...honestly.  She bought me five Lottery scratch tickets.  Well, one of those tickets turned out to be  $20,000 winner!  I was definitely blessed that day with a winning lottery ticket, our very first house to soon live in, and a wife and daughter that were there to enjoy it all with.   —Al Scarfo, East Hampton, Conn."

I have yet to work with a buyer looking for a home as a Valentine's Day present, but use our home search if you're thinking about it..  If you know of anyone that has done this please comment or send me the story.  You can use the comment link or my Contact page.  Have a great Valentine's Day and be safe since the snow and ice is still out there.

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