Tweeter Center in Trouble?

Posted by Judy Orr on Thursday, March 6th, 2008 at 12:54pm.

It's hard for me to refer to the original World Music Theatre by its current name, The First Midwest Bank Amphmusicians in Tinley Park First Midwest Bank Ampitheatreitheatre.  That just isn't a very catchy name.  I knew something was up when my husband told me that Jimmy Buffett (sorry, not a fan) was going to be playing at Bridgeview's Toyota Park instead of the venue that put Tinley Park real estate on the map.

In fact, The First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre was put up for sale last summer at a price tag of 50 million dollars.  I'm not sure what is meant by the following taking from the Southtown Star newspaper:  The current owners, Live Nation, will not sell it to anyone who would maintain it as an entetainment vanue.  But in another paragraph it is stated:  The man charged with selling the property, CB Ellis Vice President Mike Nardini, has said an interested buyer likely would enclosed the 12,000-seat portion to use as a small amphitheater and ditch the lawn seats.  Isn't that still considered an entertainment venue?

Concert ticket sales have fallen 16% from 2006 to 2007.  Even though I never really cared for this particular venue and only attended a few concerts when it first opened up, it's sad to see this Tinley Park landmark go away.  I can imagine that the nearby residents will be very happy to see it end because it will also end the noise and traffic they've endured for years.

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