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It took a patient buyer to wait for the sale of a Chicago Ridge foreclosure home to finally close. Here is her testimonial:

Had a great experience with Judy Orr and James Herter. They are very informative, people who have done their homework, gives excellent advice. Also, very easy to communicate with, promptly returns phone calls. Would definitely go with Judy and James again, and recommend them for everybody.

She was a first-time buyer and most of the homes in her price range with the amenities she needed were foreclosures.  And believe me, she wasn't picky.  She wrote up offers on a couple different Chicago Ridge foreclosures and we even had another one under contract.  That one had the gas meter removed and it would have taken up to 12

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750 Hunter Roselle home for sale  

We just received a nice testimonial from the sellers of the above home in Roselle, a northwest suburb of Chicago.

A terrific team - have already recommended them to both friends and family in the greater Chicago area.

You might be thinking, isn't Roselle a bit out of your area of the southwest Chicago suburbs?  It is, and we won't always travel but these were acquaintances and they trusted us to sell their home even though they weren't in our "backyard."  In fact, we got them an offer right away but they weren't quite ready at that time.

Then, as it happens with many sellers when they turn down an offer, it took a while for the 2nd one to come in.  It was similar to the first offer and they realized that the market was talking to them.

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