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Posted by Judy Orr on Wednesday, February 9th, 2011 at 10:32am.

searching for orland park homes for saleI receive many registrations daily from people who have found my website by using search terms such as Orland Park real estate or Homer Glen homes, for example.  Sometimes, I wonder how some people find my site since their searches are not in areas I work in, but they found my website using some kind of search terms.

The visitors that register to use my MLS search (or IDX) are free to search in our very large multiple listing service that covers Northern IL and some portions of Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana.  Our multiple listing service used to be the largest in the nation, but I know there are newer ones that have surpassed our MLS.

This means I don't service all of the areas that are in my MLS.  I only work in the southwest Cook County and northeast Will County areas.  When you register for my MLS search, you are free to put in any area(s) you want.  If I do not service that area I can find you a local agent that does.

When you read through the features of a listing, you have the ability to save it and/or e-mail me directly to ask for more information.  Every once in a while I'll get a site visitor that sends me multiple properties every day that they want "more information" on.  Most of the time I can't provide much more than what is in the description from my website.

My listing descriptions are very good and give a lot of information, including the current status of a listing (towards the bottom left of the description page).  If you see a status of Contingent, that means there is an accepted offer but it has not closed yet.  In most cases, there are no further showings.

Not all agents list the words "foreclosure", "bank owned" or "short sale," not even in our MLS.  Sometimes I can only tell if I look in an area for agent comments only. Orland Park home search page So no matter where you find the listing, you cannot read that private information.  However, there are words that give away that it is a foreclosure such as corporate owned, seller will not pay for survey (and a list of items the seller won't pay for).

My website listing description is not 100% the same as a listing straight from the MLS.  If you want to be set up for an automated MLS search with new listings sent to your e-mail, then feel free to fill out my Homefinder Form.  This way you don't have to keep searching daily and possibly miss that perfect property.  You can also check mark the properties you're interested in and I am able to view those so you don't have to double your work by sending me further addresses or MLS numbers.

I have strived to make this website easy to use and navigate while providing you with the information you need and want as a buyer or seller.  Please use it as it best suits you and know that you have a couple different ways of accessing listings in your area, your price range and with your amenities.

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