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creamery ice cream store in homer glen

There have been rumors of selling off the Creamery ice cream stores for a few years.  We were even thinking they might close down.  It is now official that the chain will be put up for auction starting at $2,500,000 for every store as a package.  However, individual store sales will be considered.

Rainbow Cones

When we moved to the Homer Glen/Orland Park area we were excited to hear that we only had to drive a few minutes to get Rainbow cones.  We didn't have to drive all the way to Western Ave. in Chicago to get them.

A rainbow cone has a combination of (from the bottom up) chocolate, strawberry, Palmer House (named after The Palmer House in Chicago & is New York cherry with walnuts), pistachio and topped off with orange sherbet.  They don't

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Ottimo Osteria Restaurant in Orland ParkI don't consider myself a food critic - as long as I don't have to cook it and clean up after, I'm pretty happy.  I will admit as I've aged my palette has become a bit choosier and I've actually stopped going to some restaurants if I don't like what I ordered or if the service was bad.

I've never been attracted to Italian restaurants as I usually don't order pasta and if I do, I prefer a sweeter sauce than many Italian restaurants make.  My favorite pasta/meat sauce is bolognese, which some restaurants do not make the way it should be (with carrots, which gives it a deep flavor).  I love it when I find a place that makes it correctly.

One weekend evening my husband and I were driving around looking for a place without a long wait.  We ran into

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UPDATE:  Unfortunately, the Gelato Grotto is closed.  I was very sad to find this out as I visited and saw the closed sign.  I wasn't sure the southwest suburbs would accept gelato but the restaurant also offered soups, sandwiches, coffee and desserts.  I was hoping it was well rounded enough to stay in business.  But sadly, it didn't.

gelato grotto in palos heights

I recently had a Palos Heights townhouse for sale near 135th & Ridgeland Ave. (that I sold myself) and I had my eye on a little storefront called Gelato Grotto that was not yet open.  Every time I drove down that street I would check to see if there was activity.  Sometimes I drove into the parking lot to look in.  I felt like I was stalking the place!

Finally, one day I was checking it out and it looked like there

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Pegasus Restaurant Chicago

Last night my husband and I met with 4 other friends for dinner at Pegasus Restaurant in Chicago's Greektown area.  For the week we had the plans made I thought we were meeting at the Parthenon and kept questioning my husband when we were the first to arrive.  I wasn't sure until I got inside that I had eaten lunch here about 7 years ago.

It is not the largest restaurant in the Greektown area but it is very comfortable and cute.  There is a large menu and it was difficult to make one choice.  I ordered the baked Grecian chicken and chose it over the roasted because it was getting late and I didn't want to wait an extra 15 minutes for the cooking time.  I was very happy with my choice.

I only tried one of the appetizers that was ordered which was

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