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Posted by Judy Orr on Monday, October 19th, 2015 at 11:08am.

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Over the years we've attempted to send out newsletters to our clients, potential customers, friends, family and acquaintances. It would have been much easier if we had just used pre-made, "canned" real estate newsletters. But we would have rather sent nothing than send those kinds of newsletters that we've received from mortgage companies and other sources.

The first newsletters we sent were 100% customized by me from scratch using a newsletter template that would print on a legal sized sheet of paper and could be folded in half. Creating articles was hard enough, but trying to get them to fit on the template was very time consuming. Even moving on to better templates with larger sizes (we purchased a special printer that would print 11x17 sheets that could be folded in half and more easily read) it wasn't easy to keep up with. A bigger newsletter meant even more content was needed.

We have found a quick 2-sided newsletter that has some articles already there and allows customization. But that size doesn't allow for much content.

Our original thought was to send our newsletters out monthly, but that was impossible. We sell homes - we're not publishers! Then we thought we could handle every other month, but that didn't work. Even quarterly was difficult, especially during our busier times.

We'd still like to send some snail mails to our group and might attempt to use the 2 sided approach starting in January and mix it up with some postcards. In the meantime, we'd like to keep in contact with everyone and I found this e-mail newsletter that allows us to add our personal touch.

When we were sending newsletters out by mail I was surprised at the interest they had. I had a few people asking me when the next one would be sent. Some even shared them with others. An e-mail newsletter, or just an article or two, are easy to share via e-mail, so hope you like it!

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