Orchids in Illinois

Posted by Judy Orr on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007 at 11:15am.

orchids by hausermann'sThis is a post late in coming.  I've been very busy with the real estate market but things really slowed down this week so I have time to do some catch up work.  A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Mother's Day with my mother-in-law and sister-in-laws by visiting Orchids by Hausermann, a huge orchid greenhouse located at 2N134 Addison Rd., Villa Park IL  60181.  The phone number is 630-543-6855.

I purchased the beautiful orchid in this photo and unfortunately I think the paperwork on it got thrown out by mistake.  It is gorgeous and has a beautiful aroma.

I have never been that interested in orchids and have only really seen them at high school dances, proms and weddings.  I'm not sure of the upkeep and don't know if I can keep this beautiful plant alive.  I was told that once the flowers die this will be it for quite some time.  I guess I need to do some studying as the flowers are starting to wrinkle up and I'm noticiing some stems are turning yellow comparing my plant to the photo.

The greenhouse is amazing!  I did not realize how huge it was when we pulled up and parked.  When we first walked in we were greeted by a large selection of plants displayed for purchasing.  That's where I found my plant.  There was another one I was considering that had beautiful, huge flowers on it but the stalks were not attractive (thick brown, peeling stems that had to be contained by a circular stake).

There was an area where you were able to see the germination process and that sure was interesting.  Then it seemed like the greenhouse just went on and on with many different varieties including hanging and potted varieties.

There was a small outdoor area where there were other types of flowers and plants to purchase and my granddaughter directed me into a little barn-like building because she saw some children.  Of course, she kept begging me to let her buy a plant for her Mommy.  When we went into the building a woman handed her a piece of paper with a design and crayons for her to color.  They used the paper to line a vase so the design could be seen on the outside and told her to choose a plant.  They gave it to her free of charge - it must have been a Mother's Day special.

Every year the family tries to visit a different place (usually pertaining to flowers) for my Mother-in-law and I was not able to go last year.  I'm glad I was available this year because I will not forget this wonderful greenhouse full of orchids.  Visit Hausermann's website here.

I'd like to also remind home sellers that getting rid of clutter is very important to make your property show at its best.  Flowers can add a non-personal yet beautiful touch (and smell).  You can use plants and floral arrangements in your home and you should clean up and spruce up your outdoor garden.  On the first house I ever sold I added flowers that I never had before in the front, side and back of the house and it made a huge difference.  It really transformed the exterior of the plain little first time buyer property into an inviting home.

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