NU Grad Students Party Hardy at The Field Museum

Posted by Judy Orr on Friday, October 24th, 2008 at 3:30am.

When I attended K-5th grade at Paul Revere Elementary School in Blue Island, IL, every year we went to The Field Museum for our field trip.  Friends in other schools seemed to go to a different place every year such as the zoo and the Museum of Science and Industry.  But Paul Revere classes only went to The Field Museum.

Field Museum Chicago IL

I'm not complaining as I love the place.  I try to get there with my grandkids as much as possible and always enjoy the visit.  We never seem to make it through every single exhibit when we visit so there's always something to look forward to the next time.

Did You Know You Can Have Group Gatherings After Hours?

I've heard about companies and other groups being able to rent space in public properties like The Field Museum but I've never thought much about it.  Until I caught a news article being syndicated in many different online venues about students of Northwestern Univerity's Kellogg School of Management that rented an area in the museum for an after hours party.

Seems like the museum sells alcohol during these kinds of parties but it was found that the students brought their own, which is against policy.  But the worst part of the event was the "half dozen or so" students (according to Northwestern spokesman Al Cubbage) that were over served and causing trouble, which forced the museum's bar to close down.

The Chicago Sun Times wrote that students vomited on the floor, spit at people, passed out and threw things at Sue herself.  However, according to the article, "Field Museum spokeswoman Nancy O'Shea denied any objects were thrown at Sue during the after-hours party."

Students Were Reprimanded 

Imagine the embarrassment of the Kellogg Student Association.  Vice President Andrea Hanson sent an e-mail to students reprimanding them for their behavior.  She passed on her feelings of how it might be more difficult in the future to get anyone to host Kellogg student events and even insinuated that this could decrease the value of a Kellogg MBA for us and future students.

We Know About Those Few Bad Apples...

There were around 700 students attending the function and only some of them were drunk and acting out.  But to be causing trouble in a place like Chicago's Field Museum is gonna get some unwanted press.

I think we all have places in our heart for our nationally known and popular museum and it hurts us to think that anyone would be desecrating such a beloved Chicago icon.  I hope these revelers have learned a lesson and take some responsibility for giving their school a bad name.  And I'm glad no real damage was done.

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