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king tut exhibit field museum chicagoOn Labor Day my family and I visited the Field Museum to see the King Tut exhibit.  We started out going to see Da Vinci's inventions at the Museum of Science and Industry but it was sold out. 

I had seen the King Tut exhibit in the early 90's and it was pretty impressive.  It was a real tour with tomb-like walls.  In fact, I got a little claustrophobic on the spiral staircase built to get to the upper level.

I was disappointed with this exhibit.  It was mainly smaller artifacts in glass cases.  In fact, some of the display prior to entering the actual exhibit (the free stuff), was just as interesting, if not more.  Without paying for the tour (I believe general admission is $12.00 and with the tour it was $26.00), you could still see mummies and a

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Today my son Chad & I & the grandkids were going to get together and attempt to exercise by walking the trail along the I&M Canal in Lockport. It was an attempt only. Last time we did it was hot and humid and looked like it was going to rain. It was a nice, tree-lined trail to start out but ended up being a long, one-way trail out in the open and we had no idea where we'd end up so we turned around after about a half hour of walking.

Since it was cooler we figured we'd do the same thing but wouldn't mind it so much since we wouldn't be sweating. Talk about not sweating, it was freezing out and extremely windy. OK, there were elderly ladies walking up the street wearing only sweaters but Chad & I were cold. I was afraid the little grandchildren would be

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