Moving Tips: How To Ensure That Your Valuables Are Safe During Your Move

Posted by Judy Orr on Thursday, May 9th, 2019 at 10:06am.

Moving all your possessions from your old house to a new one can be emotionally and physically stressful. From deciding Taping up a box for an Orland Park movewhich item should be put in one box to ensuring all valuable items are safe and secured, everything involves careful planning and preparation. When it comes to your belongings’ security, steps should also be taken throughout the move.

If you want to guarantee the safety and integrity of your belongings during your move, here are a few tips to consider from the get-go. 

  1.          Make an inventory of your items

 The first step is to come up with a detailed inventory of all the things you currently own. Prepare a spreadsheet and list down the quantity, description, and photos of all your valuables. Having an inventory will make it much easier for you to find any missing item and also help make your move as smooth as possible. 

  1.          Keep important items with you

 Obviously, the small stuff that you have are as equally important as your pieces of furniture and other household items. These things which include jewelry, papers, medicine, and many others should always be kept with you in the vehicle for their safety. Place them in a bag and make sure it doesn’t disappear from your sight. However, if these items are stored in a portable safe, be sure it’s within your reach no matter what happens.

Moreover, some professionals like Movers NYC offer locked containers that work with a key or a remote device to open. In such a case, you can talk to your mover about this safety container if you’re interested. 

  1.          Use proper packing materials

If you’re looking to ensure the safety of your valuables, start investing in proper packing supplies. From moving boxes to bubble wraps, tapes, markers, and other supplies, you should prepare all the materials to keep your things safe during the transit. You just have to consider the size, structure, and fragility of your valuable when getting the packing materials you need. For glassware and other delicate items, use a newspaper or bubble wrap before putting them in their respective boxes. This will serve as an additional layer of protection when the transport begins. 

  1.          Hire professional movers

Hiring experienced movers are essential when it comes to ensuring the safety of all your belongings. Unlike a DIY move, professional moving involves the use of modern tools and equipment to keep your items safe during the relocation. Plus, moving companies NYC deploy a reliable team of packers who are equipped with the best moving and packing techniques. In such a case, choose the right company that can take care of all your belongings in the safest way possible. 

  1.          Get moving insurance

Once you hire the moving company, the next big thing to do is to ask about their insurance policy. Find time to study the fine print and determine the kinds of claims you can make when things go the wrong way. If you’re bringing especially valuable items, take out additional insurance coverage to protect those pieces. Get in touch with your home insurance agent and ask what’s available to be added. That way, you’ll be protected if something terrible happens to your things. 

  1.          Take some safety measures for your moving truck

If you’re moving without professional help, it’s essential to ensure safety measures for your truck. First, buy the right lock for the truck. Although it can be a little more expensive, locks can add an extra level of protection for all your belongings. Second, make it a habit to inspect the truck at every stop you make during the relocation. Third, when you stop by for a quick break, park the vehicle in an area where you can quickly see it. Fourth, position the truck in a well-lighted location when stopping to rest at a hotel or inn. 

  1.          Don’t share about the details of your move on social media

For the safety of all your valuables, never tell anyone on your social media networks that you’re relocating. What’s even more important is that you shouldn’t give details regarding your route and when and how you’re doing it. You may not know, but some criminals may see your post and plan to make you a target for theft. In order to avoid this potential problem, fight the urge to talk about your relocation plans before, during, and after the moving day.

Final Thoughts

Although moving can be a bit challenging, proper planning along with patience and dedication can help keep your valuables safe and secure. Thus, to relieve yourself from some of the inevitable stress of moving, use this article as your guide to your upcoming move and expect the safe delivery of all your stuff to your new home.

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