Looking For an Orland Park Home in 2016?

Posted by Judy Orr on Sunday, January 10th, 2016 at 11:57am.

We do work in more areas than just Orland Park, so don't let the title of this post sway you.  Our hub is Orland Park real estate but we will travel pretty far and wide to show you properties or list your home for sale.

searching orland park real estateIt's the start of the New Year.  You might be considering purchase a new home in Orland Park or any other Chicago suburb or location.  You have many online resources to search for homes but did you know that sites like Trulia & Zillow don't have every home that's available listed on their sites?  They can also have outdated information.  

Along with them, some sites show properties that aren't actually for sale.  They think it's important to offer every existing address as they feel it makes their sites more relevant and important.  It can also be very confusing for potential buyers trying to sort through what is available for sale and what isn't.

I do offer the opportunity to search for homes in "Contingent" status.  If you know there is a house with a For Sale sign up and you search the address on my site and it doesn't come up, then you think there's something wrong with my website.  So I do allow Contingent listings to appear.  

Can you buy a contingent Orland Park home for sale?

Many sellers will not allow further showings once they've accepted an offer.  They're finished having strangers come through their home and having to keep it clean all the time and leave (especially in this weather).  So in many cases you can't even set an appointment for many contingent Orland Park homes.

Those that do allow further showings are looking for a "back-up contract."  That means if the current offer falls through they'll go directly with your contract.  Depending on when the first contract was accepted, you could be waiting up to 3 months to find out.  Most buyers don't want to wait for something they probably won't have a chance at.  I advise my buyers just to continue looking and keep their eye on that listing to see if it gets "re-activated" - put back on the market because the transaction fell apart.

This is the best way to search for Orland Park real estate

Why use 3rd party sources when you can get quickly & easily set-up for a search directly from our MLS (Multiple Listing Service).  You won't miss a house because it wasn't being shown on the 3rd party Internet site.  You will be alerted as soon as a listing gets re-activated - maybe it will be that dream home you missed.

You won't have to keep searching the 3rd party sites and continue receiving homes that are no longer available for sale.  You'll get all available listings in your price range, areas of interest and with the amenities you want.  It's easy and fun!  Click the link below:

Automated Home Search

Another great feature of using this search directly from the MLS is that you can check mark the listings you're interested in and I'll be able to see them.  You won't have to keep sending me addresses or MLS numbers.  This will keep your selections organized and they will drop off your list if they get sold.

Get ready for your Orland Park home search for 2016!

If you're considering buying and/or selling an Orland Park home, give The Judy Orr Team a call or use our Contact Form. You can get a free, Instant Market Activity Report by clicking here (be sure to create as small a radius around your home as possible to get the most accurate results - this is what is currently up for sale in your area). For a more detailed and accurate market value fill out this form. Even sellers like to see what's currently on the market - so create your Automated Home Search here.

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