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2015 Real Estate Sales Statistics

The table below will show real estate sales statistics for [detached] single family homes comparing 2014 and 2015. I have tried to list each suburb/area on my mailing list of prior clients. If you'd like to see the stats on another suburb please let me know in the comment section.  The towns with a link will take you to individual stat pages over the years for that particular suburb.


# Of Homes Sold

Average Sales Price




% Change



% Change











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Our main villages are listed below. Click on the links to access each village's main page that offers a list of that town's single family homes for sale along with current village real estate data such as amount of properties currently for sale and average, high and low prices.  You'll also get information about the towns with helpful links to local information.

Homer Glen
New Lenox
Orland Hills
Orland Park
Palos Park

These are basically border towns and we're based in Homer Glen and Orland Park.  As a family team, we are able to go outside of these areas and cover almost any Chicago suburb, so please contact us if you're interested in a city not on this list.  Jimmy Herter will also show Chicago real estate.  Also check our

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The chart below will show market activity for single family homes for Homer Glen, Lemont, Orland Park and Palos Park for the first half of 2011.

Village # of Sales 2011 # of Sales 2010 % Change Avg. Price 2011 Avg. Price 2010 % Change
Homer Glen 68 81 -16.1% $321,950 $334,765 -3.8%
Lemont 55 58 -5.2% $383,940 $368,416 4.2%
Orland Park 126 151 -8.3% $317,157 $345,934 -8.3%
Palos Park 17 27 -37% $320,558 $369,345 -13.2%

Every town has shown a decrease in homes sold. Palos Park has been hit the hardest with a large 37% decrease in the sale of Palos Park homes. Palos Park showed the only double digit price decrease of these

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lemont homes for sale are now higher than palos parkI was writing an article on another one of my blogs about Palos Park real estate and how it is the priciest southwest suburb when I viewed the latest sales stats from 2010.  Palos Park is no longer the highest priced village in the area, a title it has held for many, many years.  The new town with a high price tag is now Lemont, IL, with an average sale price in 2010 of $394,873 vs. Palos Park's average home price at $380,888.

I've always loved both villages but am surprised at this change.  Is Palos Park losing its luster?  Has Lemont truly won a popularity contest?  Why?

Both Palos Park and Lemont have new construction occurring, so it's not that you can't find new construction in Palos Park, and that's usually where some of the high prices come

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tiger woods at cog hills golf course lemont ilTiger Woods was in the house!  Today was the end of the  BMW Championship at Cog Hill Golf Course in Lemont, IL  70 PGA Tour players, including Tiger Woods, attended for a $7 million purse.  I could see the blimp floating above Cog Hill on my way home from a wedding downtown.

Lemont residents were aware of the ensuing traffic and took other routes.  My husband forgot about it and got stuck in some heavy traffic on Route 83 on his way back from one of his gigs (he plays in a band).

Tiger tied for 15th place.  The winner was 26 year old Dustin Johnson, who faced some bad golfing this summer, although he did win in Pebble Beach this past February.

Cog Hill Golf and Country Club is located at 12294 Archer Avenue,Lemont, IL   60439-6711
The toll-free

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