Lake Katherine Walking Trail in Palos Heights

Posted by Judy Orr on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005 at 5:45am.

Lake Katherine Palos Heights swansLake Katherine Nature Center and Botanic Gardens is one of my favorite walking trails. The surroundings are beautiful and the actual trail winds around Lake Katherine in Palos Heights. There is a waterfall to the east which allows a view from the top (I've used a few photos of Lake Katherine on my photo slideshow on this website).

You can start at the waterfall and catch up with the main trail, but if you have strollers there is a steep incline going up. The trail is mulched and no bikes are allowed, no picnics nor can you fish. I prefer a pure walking trail over a bike/walking path any day. However, be prepared to empty your shoes of mulch.

If you want to bypass the waterfall you can cross over the bridge which leads you to the circular trail. On the Lake Katherine waterfalls in Palos Heightstrail is an Herb Garden and a Butterfly Garden. There is also an offshoot going past The Children's Garden (which seemed a bit overgrown this year) which takes you on a dead-end, one-way path that you have to backtrack on.

There are plenty of waterfowl including ducks, geese and even swans. In Spring it's fun to see the babies. This is great for the kids. Other animals you might see are dogs taken for a walk by their owners as they are allowed on the trail.

A full circle is a bit under a mile so we always try to go around three times. I don't think that's happened in a while though. This is one of the trails we walk the most and it's located off of Route 83 just west of Harlem Ave. You will turn north when you see the Lake Katherine signs. There is parking to the east of the trail entry. If you're interested in Palos Heights homes for sale click the link.

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