Judy Orr an Editor on Topix for Orland Park, Homer Glen & Oak Lawn

Posted by Judy Orr on Sunday, November 2nd, 2008 at 10:54pm.

UPDATE:  The Topix website no longer allows guest editors, which I think is a real shame.  I was able to clean out duplicate news posts and unrelated posts.  For orland park real estate newsinstance, on the Oak Lawn page most any gunshot victim from Chicago that ended up in Christ Advocate Hospital's emergency room ended up as Oak Lawn news.  The Oak Lawn page was the worst of the three I edited, which also included Homer Glen and Orland Park.

In doing searches for different towns I've noticed that Topix always seems to come up in the search engines.  After reading another real estate agent's blog posting on the subject from the popular real estate portal called Active Rain, I skipped over to the Topix website and joined as an editor for the village of Oak Lawn.

You can read the latest Orland Park news, read some posts on Orland Park real estate and join in on forums for local or national news items.  I'm thinking of joining up as editor of a couple of other towns although they already have editors (there can be multiple editors for a town).

I really like it because for 5-10 minutes in a day I actually learn news about the village that I might not have read or heard about.  In fact, you can find out about one of my interesting news topics about an Oak Lawn woman that scammed 2 Mokena homeowners.

Go to Topix.com now and search for whatever town you'd like to get the local news on.  It's an easy way to get the daily news, both national and local, without paying for a subscription.

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