John Humphrey Trail in Orland Park

Posted by Judy Orr on Saturday, November 12th, 2005 at 12:53pm.

John Humphrey walking trail in Orland ParkThe four of us (Chad, Brett, Elle & I) decided to actually take a walk today instead of brushing it off like we did two days ago because it was too cold (and went to a Lockport museum instead). We decided to give the John Humphrey Trail in Orland Park a try again.

The trail is disjointed; you can make it a circle, or more like a figure-eight, but you do walk off the trail into residential areas for several blocks. The trail also branches out going south and I'm not sure how far it goes, but it seems like a straight path and it isn't tree-lined. In fact, it's right off Ravinia Ave.

We parked behind the Orland Park Police Station and started the trail going north past the old stone house. We soon were off the trail and walked west on sidewalks and through a residential area but it was fun seeing some nice old Victorian style homes. Unfortunately, there were sewer repairs being done & the street was torn up. We walked to West Ave. where we turned south again to get to the park where there is a picnic area and a couple of transplanted log cabins. Brett and Elle played around in front of one.

This is the best part of the trail as you're walking through the small forest preserve which is pretty in summer or fall. I was glad we didn't have strollers because the last time we walked this trail we did and it was difficult in this hilly terrain. We ended the circle by passing the old stone cabin again and were back in the parking lot.

You walk through the parking lot and get on the trail again which passes by the west side of the police station. The forest preserve ends and you can go left or right to finish the circle. We tried to keep the wind behind us so we turned west. The forest preserve is now to the north but it and the actual trail ends at a parking lot for the sports field in the middle. You walk south through the parking lot and catch the trail again.

We attempted to keep Elle from seeing the children's playground but she did catch a glimpse and mentioned the slide but we kept walking. There was a teenage football team practicing in the field. This entire part of the circle, or loop, is out in the open and is very hot on a warm, sunny day as there are no trees to provide shade. It was nice today although it was very windy because of the lack of trees or any kind of wind barrier. We circled around and went back to the car. We forgot our pedometers but it took us a bit over an hour. We did have two little ones with us, though, and they hold us up, plus the photo ops. This is not my favorite trail although on a fall day it was a nice time to walk it. If you're interested in Orland Park homes for sale, just click the link and you'll be able to view all current Orland Park listings.

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