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Here is an infographic of some real estate buyer and seller profiles of 2016 that I thought many people would find interesting.

orland park real estate buyers and sellers

Home Buyers


Nothing really shocking to me about buyers.  It is interesting to see how the average age has changed since 1981.  I bought my first house in 1976 at the age of 22-23.  That house cost $18,000 and it didn't hit me at the time but instead of a 30 year mortgage we were given a 10 year mortgage!  We were happy with our 10.5% interest rate.  I still drive past that house whenever I'm in the area.

Marital Status

I normally work with married couples but I do get the singles.  In fact, I worked with a couple this past year (they never did buy, but that might be good) that had just started dating and I

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Below is an infographic from the National Association of Realtors®

generational real estate trends 2016 infographic

As a baby boomer I get confused on the generations that have followed me, so I'm going to list them:

  • The Lost Generation - born 1890-1915 - I don't remember this generation, but my grandparents were in it - both are gone
  • The Interbellum Generation - born 1901-1913 - I didn't realize generations could overlap
  • The Greatest Generation - 1910-1925 - more overlapping - my parents were in this one
  • The Silent Generation - 1923-1944 - my parents were also in this one
  • Baby Boomers - 1945-1964 - My husband and I are in this one
  • Generation X - 1961-1981 - My daughter & one son are in this generation
  • Generation Y - Millenials - Gen Next - 1975-1995 - more overlapping
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Although the Midwest doesn't usually show the same fluctuations as the west and east coasts, prices and sales have dropped substantially since the real estate bust. Some areas like much of Florida, Las Vegas, NV and Phoenix, AZ were hit hard, with more than 50% decreases in home values. Some southwest Chicago suburbs have shown double digit price decreases and when you add them up over the years since the bust, prices have plummeted drastically in some villages. Amount of annual sales have also decreased.

California showed decreases and popped back the quickest. Many areas in the state are back to a seller's market with decreased inventory and buyers wanting to still get a good price at low interest rates.

Low inventory across the nation is causing

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Here's a fun and interactive infographic that you can play over and over to see how many of your favorite chocolates it would take to build your dream home. Play away and Happy Valentine's Day! I wonder how many people are getting a real house as a Valentine's Day gift? Not too many, but I'm sure there are some. My dream house took 134,051 milk chocolate bars and would have 28,150,710 calories!

By Movoto Real Estate

To make it easy to find your dream home that isn't built out of chocolate, fill out the quick and fun Dream Home Finder Form. If you fill it out you will get listings as soon as they hit the market. If you're thinking of buying your sweetie a home for Valentine's Day, give us a call at 708-536-8200. We work in all of the southwest

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