I Saved My Orland Park Sellers Thousands

Posted by Judy Orr on Sunday, November 9th, 2014 at 5:31pm.

This is part 3 of the “Neighborhood Expert” series of posts.  I am an agent that lives and works in Orland Park.  I’ve been selling real estate in the village since 1983.  Below is one of my stories about out-of-area agents against a local Realtor®.  It is in response to an article in Inman News speaking against self-anointed “neighborhood experts.”

The Orland Park Townhome Sellers That Saved Thousands

I took a listing for an Orland Park townhouse for sale located in The Enclave at the Preserves Subdivision.  It was a beautiful place with 4 bedrooms and a water Orland Park townhouse for saleview.  We got an agent from Hinsdale that had an interested buyer.  In an era of technology she insisted on presenting her offer at the table with my sellers.  My sellers obliged (many won’t) and the agent proceeded to state that the townhouse would not appraise at our asking price.  This was to justify her buyer’s low offer.

But it was a bit more than that.  She was derogatory, she was adamant, and she was dead wrong.  I didn’t know how my seller’s were going to respond to her negative offer presentation, but they were very polite and let her know that they wanted x amount of dollars and that was it.  After much negotiating, and her continually complaining that it was overpriced and I was to blame, her buyers accepted my seller’s counter-offer.  She might have even told her buyers that it wouldn’t appraise and hopefully the sellers would come down to appraised value.

As you can imagine, the townhouse did appraise for the contract price and I had very happy sellers that were able to move on with their retirement plans.  It was a difficult transaction all the way to the closing table because of the attitude of this know-it-all, out-of-area agent.  By the way, she had sold 2 houses the prior year and 2 that year.  While writing this post I see she sold 2 within the past 12 months.  You really don’t keep up-to-date with the market with such part-time numbers, but I graciously did not mention her lack of sales.  I was just happy to be proven correct with my value for this Orland Park townhouse for sale.

Bottom line, if I wasn’t experienced in Orland Park and let this agent walk all over me my sellers might have accepted the lowball offer.  I knew the prices, educated my sellers that I felt good about their price appraising and convinced them to stand their ground.

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