Homer Glen Festival

Posted by Judy Orr on Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 at 2:54am.

It was great timing to be able to attend this year's Homer Glen Parade and Festival since we'll be moving to our Homer Glen home soon.  My husband's old band (he doesn't play with them much anymore as he is in a different band) played last year and this year.  I missed last year's festival so was happy to be able to make it this year, although I didn't see the parade.

I thought that attendance was light but my friend told me it was twice as many people as last year's event.  It will hopefully grow larger year after year.

Someone mentioned that there was a wolf on display so I went looking.  Before finding the wolf I stopped by a petting area with some interesting looking alpacas (I thought they were llamas), goats and a pony.

homer glen anniversary


Behind the petting area was an animal display compliments of Big Run Wolf Ranch.  There was a beautiful white wolf to one side.  On the other side of the display there were cages with a baby skunk (my husband got to pet it but it was in the cage when I was there), a beautiful coyote that I thought was a young wolf, a hedgehog or something and a baby raccoon.  The raccoon was reaching through the cage and hitting a baby wolf  that was sleeping in front of it's cage on a leash.  I could have watched them all afternoon.

white wolf coyote and raccoon from big run wolf ranch

I did not get a photo of Bubba the alligator, who was pretty inactive.  I had seen that he was on the ground but when I returned he was in the van with his tail hanging out.  There were also a couple of snakes and I hate snakes so I didn't stick around.

Homer Glen got lucky with the weather.  Although there were soggy spots in the grass from the rain we've had lately, it was sunny out and hot, with some welcomed breezes.

Click the link if you're interested in Homer Glen homes for sale.  I'm looking forward to move to the area.

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