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orland park homes for sale value

Click the photo above to go to the page for your instant market value.  This isn't just for homes in Orland Park - it will change when you click on the page.  Just put your address in.  I've tried different home value programs and have come back to this one as it gave the closest value for my own home.  This value is based on sold and closed properties, which is what an appraiser goes by.

Buyers can also use this tool for a home they're interested in to see if the home is priced correctly.  However, I create a manual CMA for my buyers so they can get the best data available.

Keep in mind, this is an instant online value based on your location and the few quick questions for you to answer.  This will give you a price range and show you area

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Below is an infographic from the National Association of Realtors®

generational real estate trends 2016 infographic

As a baby boomer I get confused on the generations that have followed me, so I'm going to list them:

  • The Lost Generation - born 1890-1915 - I don't remember this generation, but my grandparents were in it - both are gone
  • The Interbellum Generation - born 1901-1913 - I didn't realize generations could overlap
  • The Greatest Generation - 1910-1925 - more overlapping - my parents were in this one
  • The Silent Generation - 1923-1944 - my parents were also in this one
  • Baby Boomers - 1945-1964 - My husband and I are in this one
  • Generation X - 1961-1981 - My daughter & one son are in this generation
  • Generation Y - Millenials - Gen Next - 1975-1995 - more overlapping
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We do work in more areas than just Orland Park, so don't let the title of this post sway you.  Our hub is Orland Park real estate but we will travel pretty far and wide to show you properties or list your home for sale.

searching orland park real estateIt's the start of the New Year.  You might be considering purchase a new home in Orland Park or any other Chicago suburb or location.  You have many online resources to search for homes but did you know that sites like Trulia & Zillow don't have every home that's available listed on their sites?  They can also have outdated information.  

Along with them, some sites show properties that aren't actually for sale.  They think it's important to offer every existing address as they feel it makes their sites more relevant and important.

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Please note, although I'm mentioning Orland Park real estate, this article covers all real estate in our Northern Illinois MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Our company is based in Orland Park and is our main village.  In fact, because I network with agents around the world, I've heard other agents stating the same thing.

Why Don't All Listings Have Square Footage Listed?

measuring orland park real estate for square footageUntil just a few years back, the square feet section in our MLS wasn't a required field, so most agents didn't bother with it.  It is now a required field but we can put in "0" if we're not sure what the true value is.  I will only post square footage if I have a prior appraisal, an original blueprint, it is listed in tax records or a folder/pamphlet from when the property was built.

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It's Thursday and I usually try to find an old post to bring back to life, but I'm writing a new post based on an old post I stumbled across that I wrote in February 2006.  It was titled More Home Buyers Search the Internet First.  I believe when I first wrote it the stats were that around 82% of real estate buyers search the Internet first.  Then I updated it to 90%.  If you do an Internet search you'll see those old stats and a slew of different figures all the way up to 99%.  I feel it's somewhere between 90%-99%.

It's not news that print advertising has died out for real estate

searching for orland park real estate in a newspaperI used to advertise in the Southtown Economist, Sunday edition.  Sometimes they'd offer a deal for the entire weekend and once in a while they'd have open house

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In 2009 I wrote an article based on an HGTV "reality" show about a real estate sale in Chicago - you can read it here.  Today I read an article from Inman news about real estate and reality TV - check it out here.

When I write my own blog post in relation to a published article I usually go down the original list and write in my own thoughts.  I'm going to tackle it a bit differently today.

Editing and True Reality

Unless you've been interviewed for an article in a newspaper or magazine or have been on a television show, you don't realize how editing can skew your entire interview or the true happenings while filming a show/documentary.

editing orland park real estate informationI've been published many times in local newspapers and The Wall Street Journal Online even published a story

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I rented my first apartment from a distant relative in Blue Island for $75.00 a month.  Sounds like a real bargain, right?  Well, it was in an old building on Gregory St. and had a big living room, large dining room, smallish eat-in kitchen, 3 bedrooms & 1 bath.  Sounds huge.  However, only the master bedroom had an electric outlet. This was in the early 70's.  Also, it was oil heat which was very expensive in the winter, although it was only a winter bill.  And no air conditioning, but I think we had a couple window units.  

Instead of a dining table, we had a ping pong table in the dining room.  We were young newlyweds and had a lot of parties.  I didn't know half the attendees.  We had a White Castle steps away.  And we had an elderly,

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part time agent newsInman News recently published an article titled "Opinion: Why consumer behavior will eliminate the part-time agent,"  written by Tyler Smith (Founder & CEO of Skyslope and a former real estate agent).

I thought this was a great article as so many people will hand what is usually the largest financial investment to someone who is not a career real estate agent, and might only complete a few transactions a year.  Real estate is ever changing and as a full-time, career REALTOR® I study changes in real estate and mortgage lending on a daily basis.  My team and I are out in the field almost every day of the week.  Even on vacation or attending out-of-town seminars, my team and I handle phone calls, e-mails, etc. and do what's needed to keep our transactions

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grant available for Lockport homes for saleThere is a program for buyers of Crest Hill, Joliet and Lockport homes for sale. Home buyers in those towns could qualify for up to $10,000 towards the down payment and/or closing costs. It is The Illinois Building Blocks Program and is being offered by the Illinois Housing Development Authority.

This program is geared for families that might not otherwise be able to purchase a home because of lack of enough cash to cover closing costs and down payments required to qualify for a mortgage loan. It was created to get rid of the current inventory of vacant homes in these 3 towns, which will help revitalize each town. When a town has a glut of vacant foreclosed properties they become vandalized and continue bringing value down for other properties.

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This is part 3 of the “Neighborhood Expert” series of posts.  I am an agent that lives and works in Orland Park.  I’ve been selling real estate in the village since 1983.  Below is one of my stories about out-of-area agents against a local Realtor®.  It is in response to an article in Inman News speaking against self-anointed “neighborhood experts.”

The Orland Park Townhome Sellers That Saved Thousands

I took a listing for an Orland Park townhouse for sale located in The Enclave at the Preserves Subdivision.  It was a beautiful place with 4 bedrooms and a water Orland Park townhouse for saleview.  We got an agent from Hinsdale that had an interested buyer.  In an era of technology she insisted on presenting her offer at the table with my sellers.  My sellers obliged (many

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