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Here's a fun and interactive infographic that you can play over and over to see how many of your favorite chocolates it would take to build your dream home. Play away and Happy Valentine's Day! I wonder how many people are getting a real house as a Valentine's Day gift? Not too many, but I'm sure there are some. My dream house took 134,051 milk chocolate bars and would have 28,150,710 calories!

By Movoto Real Estate

To make it easy to find your dream home that isn't built out of chocolate, fill out the quick and fun Dream Home Finder Form. If you fill it out you will get listings as soon as they hit the market. If you're thinking of buying your sweetie a home for Valentine's Day, give us a call at 708-536-8200. We work in all of the southwest

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ThanksgivingIt's been a bad year for so many people.  How many have lost their jobs and their homes?  How many will not be able to sit down to a lavish turkey and stuffing Thanksgiving dinner this year, unless they have the good fortune of a local soup kitchen?

I don't usually write posts to reflect like this but even I have been scared by our current economy.  I still try to keep a good outlook although I must admit I've become guarded.

My husband and I had planned on purchasing a future retirement condo in Arizona this year while prices were affordable.  But now I'm wondering if we should go out on that limb.  I didn't have the best year in real estate sales and we don't really know what next year will bring.

I have my plans for taking on the real estate

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bengston's pumpkin farm in homer glen ilMy favorite holiday is Halloween so I needed to get something on this blog about it.  There are many pumpkin farms in Northern IL and although I have a very long list, I decided just to mention those located in the southwest suburbs since that is where I work.  Benstons's Pumpkin Farm located at 13341 W. 151st St., Homer Glen, IL 60491. The phone number is 708-301-3276. Hours are 7 days a week from 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. and free parking is offered.

There is much more than pumpkins at this farm so give yourself time to enjoy all of the offerings which include a petting zoo, pig races, the Haunted Fun Barn, pony and train rides, cow milking and more! You can get a coupon and find out more on Bengston's web site which is located here.  Be sure to visit

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orchids by hausermann'sThis is a post late in coming.  I've been very busy with the real estate market but things really slowed down this week so I have time to do some catch up work.  A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Mother's Day with my mother-in-law and sister-in-laws by visiting Orchids by Hausermann, a huge orchid greenhouse located at 2N134 Addison Rd., Villa Park IL  60181.  The phone number is 630-543-6855.

I purchased the beautiful orchid in this photo and unfortunately I think the paperwork on it got thrown out by mistake.  It is gorgeous and has a beautiful aroma.

I have never been that interested in orchids and have only really seen them at high school dances, proms and weddings.  I'm not sure of the upkeep and don't know if I can keep this beautiful plant

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I don't associate Valentine's Day with snow. We didn't have a white Christmas but we are having a white Valentine's Day.  That's to be expected in Chicago and the buying an orland park home for valentine's daysouthwest suburbs.  Of course, we're not the only state that was hit hard with the blizzard yesterday.  At least it's warmer out than it has been.

I can't beat last year's Valentine's Day post about celebrating at White Castle.  So I decided to search for a good story.

The following is quoted from MSNBC and is appropriate for a real estate blog:  "Last year, my wife and I wanted a simple Valentine's day.  Nothing out of the ordinary is what we had agreed to.  After all, it was only days before when we were told that our mortgage for our very first house was acccepted and a closing day was

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UPDATE:  This was originally posted in 2006.  Wherever you might celebrate, either in Chicago or one of the Chicago suburbs, have a safe and happy 4th of July fourth of july fireworks in chicago suburbscelebration. If you don't have any plans you might want to drive to Winnetka to see The New Invaders play.

I attended last year and the fireworks were great (so was the band). Bring a lawn chair or blanket. It is going to be a little colder tonight than it has been recently with less humidity. So dress accordingly. 

The celebration will be held at Duke Childs Field at Hubbard & Willow in Winnetka, IL, with the band starting at 6:30 and ending at 9:00 and the fireworks will be shot off afterwards.

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st patrick's day in southwest chicago suburbsI will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day 2006 very close to home.  My husband's one band (he's in two), The New Invaders, will be playing a dinner show tonight at Niko's in Bridgeview.  The address is 7600 S. Harlem Ave. and the phone number is 708-496-0300.  Doors open at 7:00 pm and dinner is at 7:45 pm.

This is one of the New Invader's big shows with Melody Mallin and go-go girls!  Whatever you do, please have a safe St. Patrick's Day.

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southside irish parade southwest chicago suburbsAround 250,000 people crowded together on Chicago's south side to view the annual tradition of the Southside Irish Parade.  There was alot of green!   Green t-shirts, hats, cups, face painting and even green hair.  There was also a lot of beer.

The parade featured about 130 floats that made their way down Western Avenue starting at noon until around 3:00 p.m.  Parade goers had another good weather day.  You never know what kind of weather we'll get in Chicago at this time of year.

Even with all of the revelry it seemed like most people were displaying good behavior.  There were only 4 minor arrests which I think is pretty good with that amount of people plus the warmer weather.

We have fun on the south side of Chicago.  If you're thinking of

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dying the chicago river green for st. patrick's day

The City of Chicago takes St. Patrick's Day very  seriously. Celebrations occur even before the actual date. Today at 10:45 a.m., The Chicago River was dyed green to signify the beginning of St. Patrick's Day festivities. At noon the downtown St. Patrick's Day parade will commence starting at Balbo and Columbus Dr.

Dying the river is a debated subject. It has been done since the early 1960's. It is dyed by a pipefitter's union who uses fluoresein dye which is supposedly harmless, although some people question that fact.

However, this day most likely is the day that more people come down to see the river than any other day of the year. Although it is drizzling rain today it is one of the warmest days for the St. Patrick's Day parade in

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Living in Chicago and having access to many White Castle restaurants has numbed me to how special White Castle sliders are to many people. Especially those that white castle hamburgerhave moved to a non-White Castle area.

My first apartment was right behind a White Castle in Blue Island.  Clean-up after a party meant collecting many White Castle bags & burger boxes.  It was very convenient as I was "trying" to cook gourmet.  I remember spending about $26.00 (a lot of money in the 70's) to make a crab curry dinner.  I had never had curry before and did not like it at all.  I gave it to the cats and they didn't even eat it!  Thank goodness for that White Castle.

I couldn't believe reading an article about people that actually made "reservations" at many local White Castles

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