Help Save Endangered Monkeys

Posted by Judy Orr on Monday, May 5th, 2008 at 9:22am.

UPDATE:  This contest has ended but you might still be able to donate.

squirrel monkey eating flowerI recently participated in a contest geared towards real estate agents. My team won the contest and the prize was a great real estate website package worth around $5,000. We decided to put this website up for raffle with all proceeds going to the Eco Preservation Society and saving the Mono Titi monkey in Costa Rica.

What is a Mono Titi?

Costa Rica is one of the top booming hotspots in overseas real estate. It has become a popular vacation destination and this beautiful country is facing much new construction.

Of course, this interest has to affect the natural habitat, which is what has attracted tourists and the affluent who want to build second homes or even move to Costa Rica. So the beautiful habitat that was the main attraction is now being depleted.

One of the species suffering from this is the cute-as-a-button Mono Titi monkey which is a squirrel monkey indigenous to Costa Rica. As humans encroach on this monkey's natural habitat, the Mono Titi is becoming endangered.

I am reaching outside of the real estate community to ask for raffle donations to this worthy cause. In fact, anyone that knows me personally knows that I love monkeys. My monkey gifts and decor in my house attest to that fact.

What's In It For YouI realize if you're not in real estate you could care less about a website package for a real estate agent. So I'd like you to look at this in a different way. Here are some thoughts:

  • You can donate just to help this endangered species like you would contribute to other causes
  • If you win the prize you can give it to a real estate agent you know like someone in your family, a friend, etc. I would love this package myself!
  • Anyone who wins that joined because of my efforts can let me know they won and I will refund your donation back if you give me the website.

The donation choice is one raffle ticket at $35.00 or four for $100.00. Please help this endangered species and the works of the Eco Preservation Society. I want my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to be able to know that there are still jungles and wildlife and natural areas left in the world.

I realize that species go extinct but if humans continue the way we are now wildlife will be wiped out and we might be witnessing more of this in our lifetime. Please go donate (which will put you in the raffle) at the Save the Mono Titi website by clicking the link.

The donation can be made through the Paypal button. If you do not have a Paypal account it can be set up quickly but if you have a problem doing it let me know and I can make the donation for you and we'll work it out. This raffle will end on June 1st so please donate now. There's not much time left. Thanks in advance!

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