First Time Home Buyer's Need Extra Help

Posted by Judy Orr on Tuesday, November 28th, 2006 at 3:35am.

first time orland park real estate buyersFor a time in my long career I was helping a lot of first-time home buyers.  Lately it has been mainly move-up buyers but I recently got a call from a hesitant first-time buyer just starting the process of possibly purchasing a home.  It reminded me of the days when new buyers were the largest segment of my home buying clients.

I've always enjoyed working with first-time buyers, whether they were very excited to buy a property or if they were nervous and hesitant.  I never push buyers and want to make sure they're well informed and are comfortable with their decision.

I want to reintroduce an extremely comprehensive area on my website for Home Buyers.  There are so many links and faq's provided that a buyer doesn't need to go anywhere else.  Although every buyer seems to have questions, even move-up or move-down buyers have questions since it's not something most people do often and the market changes over the years, especially financing.  My Home Buying Guide helps answer more questions than you might think you have.

If you are a first-time buyer you'll want to set aside some time and bookmark the page(s) so you can return and read at your leisure.  Feel free to search homes for sale in the southwest Chicago suburbs by clicking the link.  Please check out my Chicago Suburbs Home Buying Guide and call me at 708-536-8200 if you have any questions.

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