Field Museum King Tut Tour

Posted by Judy Orr on Wednesday, September 6th, 2006 at 10:25am.

king tut exhibit field museum chicagoOn Labor Day my family and I visited the Field Museum to see the King Tut exhibit.  We started out going to see Da Vinci's inventions at the Museum of Science and Industry but it was sold out. 

I had seen the King Tut exhibit in the early 90's and it was pretty impressive.  It was a real tour with tomb-like walls.  In fact, I got a little claustrophobic on the spiral staircase built to get to the upper level.

I was disappointed with this exhibit.  It was mainly smaller artifacts in glass cases.  In fact, some of the display prior to entering the actual exhibit (the free stuff), was just as interesting, if not more.  Without paying for the tour (I believe general admission is $12.00 and with the tour it was $26.00), you could still see mummies and a sarcophagus or two.

For an additional fee of around $5.00-$6.00 you could get headphones describing the different displays.  We opted to not get them as we had 2 toddlers with us.  I'm sure it does add to the experience, plus the wallet.  I enjoyed the Jackie-o display (her different outfits plus other items) more than this exhibit, and I'm much more into Egyptian history and artifacts.

In fact, my daughter-in-law, Jeanette, heard a man say, "That was a waste of money," on the way out.  You would think with today's technology these kinds of exhibits would improve.  But I remember the older exhibit as being superior to this one.

We also spent another $2.00 or $3.00 to attend what we all thought was the "Underground King Tut" exhibit.  It had nothing to do with King Tut (and three of us heard it this way), but was all about insects living under soil.  However, our little ones in tow actually enjoyed this more than King Tut.  We were warned that some kids would be afraid as some of the bugs were large and moving.  My granddaughter kept wanting to go back to the "bugs."

My favorite exhibit (no extra charge) was The Evolving Planet located on the top floor, which showed life from the beginning to the present and extinctions that occurred and are still happening.  This is where you get to see dinosaur bones and fossils.

We also enjoyed the animals and although my son & daughter-in-law belong to Brookfield Zoo, they agreed that it was almost better seeing the stuffed animals up close instead of having to find them in their zoo habitat.  It gives you a better idea of true size.  The kids loved this, too.  Of course, I always love seeing Bushman and the Lions of Tsavo.

The Field Museum truly holds a place in my heart as my grade school (Paul Revere in Blue Island), took us there every single year for our field trip.  We did enjoy our trip and were worn out after seeing almost every exhibit.  However, I wish we had just visited the regular museum exhibits and not spent the time or money on the King Tut tour.  Of course, without having sampled it on our own, we wouldn't have known any better.  Maybe this critique will help you make a decision.

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