Coyote Likes Quiznos in Chicago

Posted by Judy Orr on Wednesday, April 4th, 2007 at 11:01am.

Imagine having lunch in the Quiznos sandwich shop at 37 E. Adams, Chicago's downtown Loop area, and having acoyote walk in. It was a warm Chicago spring day and the front door was opened to let the fresh air in. I suppose after realizing it wasn't someone's seeing eye dog checking out the wares while leaving his human somewhere outside, customers made a mad dash out of the place. Luckily, the coyote, nicknamed Adrian by animal control, did not chase after the customers as they left.

Instead, Adrian tried jumping over the counter, probably not knowing or caring about the high calories and fat content in most of Quizno's offerings. When you're a young (about 1 1/2 yrs.), hungry male coyote you don't care about things like that. But darn, those counters were just too high. So Adrian settled in the beverage cooler (it was warm outside) until animal control came to remove him. I would think that some of the frightened customers would have left some tidbits on their tables but there were no reports on Adrian eating anything at the sub shop.

I'm assuming Adrian caused many workers to be late on their lunch break because of this "star" appearance. You would have thought Paris Hilton was binge eating in Chicago. Camera phones were going off and there was a crowd viewing the docile youngster. The only time Adrian bared his fangs was when he was escorted out of Quiznos like some animal. He spent the night at the animal control and after all that he wasn't interested in the dog food presented to him. I'm like that, if I have a taste for Quiznos, dog food just won't do it for me.

After Adrian's 15 minutes of fame (he was actually in the Quiznos for about 40 minutes), he will be released into the Flint Creek Wildlife Rehab Center near Barrington, IL. It is a large, fenced area where Adrian can dine with his own, who will not be hounding him with their camera phones. Read more about Adrian the coyote's release.

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