Chicago's Old Town Real Estate Top Searched Area in 2013

Posted by Judy Orr on Monday, January 6th, 2014 at 10:57pm.

Real Estate Portals

old town real used to be the #1 site for national real estate searches, but I believe it has been overtaken by Zillow and possibly a couple other real estate portals.  Of course, we always suggest using a local real estate site such as this one for the most accurate, updated listings, such as our Orland Park real estate page.  

What many people don't know is that websites like Zillow do not always have accurate information.  Even when an agent marks their listings as Sold they sometimes pop up again as Active listings at no fault of the listing agent.

Zillow and some other large real estate portals are also showing properties that are not for sale.  Zillow began what real estate professionals feel is a controversial practice of listing all properties that are in some state of the foreclosure process.  I've had buyers requesting appointments for these homes that aren't listed and might never be.  Some of these home owners will pay what is owed to keep their homes from foreclosing and some will foreclose but never make it to the MLS, or it might take a long time.  We can only imagine buyers going up to these homes in person and scaring the occupants, or be greeted by angry owners.

If you have to use a 3rd party real estate portal (which I don't understand the need for as this website offers more details about each listing than those big sites), at least gets a feed directly from our MLS.  The problem with is that they provide the least amount of data for each listing, even if a listing agent pays the hefty fees to allow more photos and better details, it still doesn't match to what our site offers. Search Figures for 2013 recently posted their 5 most searched areas based on national data from their site in 2013.  Here they are:

1. Old Town: Chicago – 60610

2. McKinney, Texas – 75070

3. Wellington: West Palm Beach, Fla. – 33414

4. Pembroke Pines: Hollywood, Fla. – 33028

5. Ballantyne: Charlotte, N.C. – 28277

So Northwest IL was represented, but I would have never guessed Old Town would be the most searched area on the website.  And you'd think the other 4 would be more well known places.  Quite interesting!

Searching for Old Town Real Estate

I attempted to create a search here for Old Town homes for sale and Old Town condos.  Since we sell mostly in the southwest suburbs, I wasn't sure about the search parameters for Old Town.  I even went directly to my MLS and realized that some people put Old Town listings in Lincoln Park and another agent had his Old Town listing under the Near North Chicago search area.  Old Town is actually considered a subdivision, not an "Area".  

I looked Old Town parameters up and created a search as close to those as I could manage.  The results, which include Old Town homes for sale, if any, and Old Town condos, are below and will be updated automatically:

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If you're really interested in the Old Town area of Chicago, please contact us and we'll set you up for an automated search directly from the MLS that will only show you Old Town real estate for sale.  Call us at 708-536-8200.

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