Chicago Suburbs Homes For Sale Curb Appeal

Posted by Judy Orr on Thursday, April 6th, 2006 at 12:08pm.

curb appeal for your southwest chicago suburbs home for saleWhether you're trying to sell a home or not, the curb appeal of your home is something you can't hide. Spring is here and it's time to create your plan on exterior home maintenance after our Chicago winter.

Clean It Up

Cleaning up debris and any other clutter (Christmas lights still up?) should be done as soon as you can.  Store any out of season or holiday decor away.  Clean up leftover leaves, branches and other lawn waste.

Start Planting

Now is the time to start planting Spring bulbs for summer flowers.  You can also start trimming down certain plants that require pruning for best growing.

Now might be the time to consider adding flowers, shrubs and/or trees or removing some that just aren't working out.  Check with your village about tree removal.

Assess Larger Maintenance Jobs

Will you be needing new sidewalks or a cement or wooden porch redone this coming year?  Start planning now.  Are your storm/screen doors and entry doors in good shape?  Is this the year for new windows or siding?

Also take note of any exterior painting that is needed or wood replacment.  Does your brick house need tuckpointing?  Taking care of certain things now will prevent bigger issues down the road.  In fact, for many, this will be the year a new roof is needed and/or gutters.  There are several innovative gutter systems available today.

Think About Your Lawn

Will you need to reseed this year or will fertilizer be enough?  Maybe you're thinking of resodding or doing even more work on your yard.

If lawn work is too much for your busy life, now might be the right time to consult with different lawn maintenance companies to compare service and price.  Hiring someone to do this work for you might be well worth the price.

Exterior maintenance is part of owning a home.  Your neighbors have to look at your home and yard every time they pass by or look out their windows.  If you're selling this year, you might want to really start getting everything accomplished to give your home the best curb appeal ever.  A home with great curb appeal can sell quicker and often for more money.

Now that you've got your house looking good from the outside, find out how much it's worth in today's market.  Fill out the Market Value Form now.

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