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John Humphrey walking trail in Orland ParkThe four of us (Chad, Brett, Elle & I) decided to actually take a walk today instead of brushing it off like we did two days ago because it was too cold (and went to a Lockport museum instead). We decided to give the John Humphrey Trail in Orland Park a try again.

The trail is disjointed; you can make it a circle, or more like a figure-eight, but you do walk off the trail into residential areas for several blocks. The trail also branches out going south and I'm not sure how far it goes, but it seems like a straight path and it isn't tree-lined. In fact, it's right off Ravinia Ave.

We parked behind the Orland Park Police Station and started the trail going north past the old stone house. We soon were off the trail and walked west on sidewalks and

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Today my son Chad & I & the grandkids were going to get together and attempt to exercise by walking the trail along the I&M Canal in Lockport. It was an attempt only. Last time we did it was hot and humid and looked like it was going to rain. It was a nice, tree-lined trail to start out but ended up being a long, one-way trail out in the open and we had no idea where we'd end up so we turned around after about a half hour of walking.

Since it was cooler we figured we'd do the same thing but wouldn't mind it so much since we wouldn't be sweating. Talk about not sweating, it was freezing out and extremely windy. OK, there were elderly ladies walking up the street wearing only sweaters but Chad & I were cold. I was afraid the little grandchildren would be

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UPDATE:  You can tell this is one of my first blogs since I left the title of Hello World! for my first post.  The post was created in 2005 and this update is the end of 2013.  Since I’m switching website providers after all that time I’m having to go back through each blog post and site page and make sure they’re set up properly.  This website has brought me many clients and in my best year, which was 2007, around 80%+ of my real estate sales came from this website!  Our home search has been upgraded over the years and I hope you find it easy-to-use and will help you with your next real estate purchase and/or sale.  The picture here is of my first real estate blog from way back!

original Chicago suburbs real estate blog screenshotWelcome to Judy Orr's blog that will introduce you to southwest Chicago

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