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oak lawn home for saleUPDATE - This Oak Lawn home sold for $210,000!  We had 10 offers and it sold for more than asking price, making a very happy home seller.

This great brick 3 bedroom home sits on a dead end street in a great Oak Lawn area that is walking distance to 2 shopping malls (including Westfield Mall) and transportation.  It is on an oversized 77'x130' foot lot.

The inside is cozy with a separate eating area that features a large picture window for a view of the huge back yard.   The separate cooking area has lots of cabinets and is open to the dinette.

A One-Year Home Warranty is being provided.  This great home has gas forced air heat plus central air.  All appliances remain.

This home is sold but if you're interested in Oak Lawn homes for sale click

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UPDATE:  This article is being updated on 9/10/2016.  It is still relevant today with a few exceptions, which I have notated.

I received an e-mail newsletter from the Illinois Association of Realtors® and there was an interesting list from a local agent, Mark Nash.  I'd like to quote his Top Buyer Mistakes and give my opinion after each one:

Bought properties to flip at top-of-market prices

I still can't figure out why buyers do this.  Maybe if a buyer timed the purchase around the flipping an orland park house for salebeginning of the seller's market 3-5 years ago, they might have seen a substantial profit.  In our local market things are slowing and I've already seen homes purchased and quickly put back on market at a higher price (after some renovating) sitting and not selling.

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metra train station

Unfortunately, the new schedule does not include any extra weekend service. Metra offered 16 trains a day and is now up to 30 during the week. Click the link for an online schedule (will open a new window with the Orland Park stop at 143rd as an example).

The new lines will start January 30, 2006, and offer addtional service to Manhattan and New Lenox. Although many southwest Chicago suburbs were hoping for additional weekend service, a Metra spokesman said the budget for this expansion left nothing for the weekends.

It's too bad as I live about 2 blocks from a brand new Metra station.  Although I don't work downtown it would be nice to be able to jump on the train for a weekend event instead of having to drive and park.  I guess that is

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Chicago Trader Vic's

Hopefully, it's not completely lost. But the original Trader Vic's that resided in the Palmer House will end its long stay, since 1957, and open one or two new Trader Vic's elsewhere in the Chicago area.

I remember going to Trader Vic's once with a former employer. I ordered a drink that featured a gardenia floating in it that came with a pin so I could wear it. This was in the 70's and since that visit gardenias became my favorite flower.

I really can't remember the setting anymore, although it was Polynesian style. And my boss told me the story of how in the past the only way a woman could enter was in the company of a man! I've tried doing a quick search but I can't find anything to verify this.

Something I have learned is that although

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I think everyone knows that Marshall Fields will have a name change to Macy's sometime this Fall. Many people are extremely upset with this change. Although I am Chicago Marshall Fields clockvery sentimental and have great (mainly Christmas shopping) memories of Marshall Field's, this news doesn't bother me all that much.

I was never a Marshall Field's shopper. I argued with those that truly believed that items purchased through the store was of better quality. That might have been true about some items but most brand names that could be found in other stores were usually higher priced at Marshall Field's.

Another thing I couldn't understand is the fact that people that could afford to invest in stocks & bonds were excited to earn an annual return in the lowest of double

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To ensure the safety of those celebrating New Year's Eve with alcoholic beverages, Chicago is keeping its tradition of offering penny rides on the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and Pace. CTA buses, trains and Pace buses will offer penny rides from 8:00p.m. tonight (Saturday) through 6a.m. tomorrow (Sunday, January 1st). Extra service will be established on several routes. The CTA will run on its usual holiday schedule on Monday. Have a safe and happy New Year 2006.

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snowy homer glen road

I’ve written it before – I hate winter.  The first snow of the year can definitely be pretty, but the pretty usually doesn’t last that long.  Soon after it becomes dirty, muddy and slushy.  Or it can freeze to be dangerous, slippery ice.   I’ll never forget when I was about 7 or 8 years old and the family was going to visit my aunt on her farm.  My mother slipped on ice and fell.  I thought she was dead, but thankfully her long, thick fur coat helped break the fall a little.  She was OK, but it’s stamped in my mind.

My son slipped on ice and fell straight on his face when he was about 6.  I can’t believe that the school didn’t call me sooner.  It happened in the morning when he walked to school and I went to work.  When I arrived to get him in the

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no smoking in Chicago Illinois

I was surprised to find that the smoking ban was passed as discussions I had seen and heard made it seem unlikely that this ban would actually be implemented. Smoking will be banned at all stores, restaurants, sports arenas and other public areas as of January 16, 2006.

The exception to the above is taverns and restaurant bars/lounges that have until July 1, 2008 to comply with the ban. A tavern is considered as any establishment that earns at least 65 percent of proceeds from the sale of alcohol. After January 16th of 2006, smoking will only be allowed within 15 feet of the bar and will be banned within 15 feet of the entrance of any building where smoking is banned.

There are exceptions to the ban. Smoking will be allowed at private clubs such

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I read an interesting article in an e-mail I received from the Illinois Association of REALTORS®.  Sales of single family homes dropped off 2.9% compared to October of 2004. orland park condo for sale. However, the Illinois condo market has remained strong.  Condo sales were up 10.2% from October, 2004.

I don’t remember condo sales outpacing single family homes.  I certainly could have missed some past statistics but this surprised me.  I guess with the huge price increases we’ve seen in the past 2-3 years, many first-time buyers are simply being priced out of single family homes.  Or, maybe it’s that baby boomers are downsizing.  Could be a bit of both.

The median home price in October went from $184,000 in ’04 to $209,900 this year, a 14.1 percent increase.  However, it is

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ripped moneyI was surprised to read an article about some of the negative state of affairs happening in Illinois regarding wages and income levels.  Although our employment status is showing moderate growth, there has been a continuing decrease in higher paying jobs with the usual perks and benefits.  That might not affect most of us, but there has also been a decrease in median income in Illinois.  In fact, it has fallen 12% since 1999! On a positive note, diversity in the work force has increased.

I think we can all understand how this can affect the real estate market.  Have you ever driven through another new upscale subdivision being built and wonder how so many people can afford these kinds of homes?  If things continue as they are, those types of homes will

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