6 Month Activity for Homer Glen, Lemont, Orland Park and Palos Park

Posted by Judy Orr on Saturday, October 1st, 2011 at 2:11am.

The chart below will show market activity for single family homes for Homer Glen, Lemont, Orland Park and Palos Park for the first half of 2011.

Village # of Sales 2011 # of Sales 2010 % Change Avg. Price 2011 Avg. Price 2010 % Change
Homer Glen 68 81 -16.1% $321,950 $334,765 -3.8%
Lemont 55 58 -5.2% $383,940 $368,416 4.2%
Orland Park 126 151 -8.3% $317,157 $345,934 -8.3%
Palos Park 17 27 -37% $320,558 $369,345 -13.2%

Every town has shown a decrease in homes sold. Palos Park has been hit the hardest with a large 37% decrease in the sale of Palos Park homes. Palos Park showed the only double digit price decrease of these four villages at 13.2%.

The only suburb in the list that showed a price increase was Lemont homes. Lemont has held its title as being the most expensive southwest Chicago suburb, once again beating Palos Park. In fact, Homer Glen homes were priced higher than Palos Park, which I find fascinating. Palos Park has been the priciest southwest suburb since I can remember, and now it stands at #3. Orland Park is a close 4th place pricewise.

You will also notice that in 2010 Homer Glen was the lowest priced suburb of the four, and has now risen to 2nd place. I'm not treating this as a popularity contest and these changes are of much interest to me, especially since the move I made last year to the Homer Glen/Orland Park area, which makes these areas my new home base.

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