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How to Buy a Home: 8 Tips and Tricks from Real Estate Insiders

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We are still in a Seller's Market, and one of the reasons we are is because there is a lack of inventory.  Buyers still need to buy, and there aren't the normal amount of homes available.  This means there are more buyer eyes on the good places - those homes that are priced correctly for the condition and location.  The best properties will normally receive multiple offers and the seller will usually choose the highest offer, although sometimes there could be other factors, such as no home inspection, a quicker or longer closing date, etc.  Even in a Buyer's Market, there are some strategies you can use so a seller accepts your offer over others.

Know What You Can Afford


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In Illinois, home buyers get 5 business days from contract acceptance to have a home inspection done on the property they just received an accepted contract on.  I always tell my buyers that this is Round 2 of negotiations.

When a buyer views homes with us, we point out anything we can see, such as peeling paint, ceiling leaks, visible water lines (could be dry) in a basement, rotting wood, old windows, etc.  But we are not licensed home inspectors, and we will not be testing appliances, HVAC, electric, etc.

Why do I need to pay for a home inspection?

Purchasing a home (condo, townhouse, etc.), is probably going to be the largest financial investment you'll make.  Compared to that, the price of a home inspection is small, and it can actually

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