March 2016

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2015 Real Estate Sales Statistics

The table below will show real estate sales statistics for [detached] single family homes comparing 2014 and 2015. I have tried to list each suburb/area on my mailing list of prior clients. If you'd like to see the stats on another suburb please let me know in the comment section.  The towns with a link will take you to individual stat pages over the years for that particular suburb.


# Of Homes Sold

Average Sales Price




% Change



% Change











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Following is some information from a program called Infosparks, a data gathering company.

February Months Supply of Orland Park Homes For Sale

The chart above tells us that we are close to a Seller's Market.  If this keeps up prices will continue to rise.  Anything from 1-4 months supply of homes denotes a Seller's Market.  5-6 months is a neutral market and more than a 6 month supply is a Buyer's Market.  It's been a busy couple of months with buyers and many are feeling the pinch when they finally decide to make an offer and the house they loved is already under contract.

Days on Market for Orland Park Homes

We had one of our best years in 2014, and I remember having an active winter season.  You can see the change from February

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