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It's Thursday and I usually try to find an old post to bring back to life, but I'm writing a new post based on an old post I stumbled across that I wrote in February 2006.  It was titled More Home Buyers Search the Internet First.  I believe when I first wrote it the stats were that around 82% of real estate buyers search the Internet first.  Then I updated it to 90%.  If you do an Internet search you'll see those old stats and a slew of different figures all the way up to 99%.  I feel it's somewhere between 90%-99%.

It's not news that print advertising has died out for real estate

searching for orland park real estate in a newspaperI used to advertise in the Southtown Economist, Sunday edition.  Sometimes they'd offer a deal for the entire weekend and once in a while they'd have open house

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This is yet another "Throw-back Thursday" post that I originally wrote on December 22nd, 2005.  What is written here is the same as today in 2015.  This is based on an article I read and is as follows:

I’m not sure if I agree with all of the findings of the article put out by Broker Agent News, but see if you do.  The article stated that smaller square footage is in.  Not in my Chicago suburbs area.  Hardwood floors out?  Another one I question, although the article talked mainly about laminate wood grain flooring.  Today's laminates are very nice and sometimes I can't tell the difference!  Gas grills that use a tank?  These are usually not left with the home since they are portable.

Awnings were mentioned as being "out."  Although there are some

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woman remodeling orland park home for sale

This is another Throwback Thursday post I wrote in December 6, 2005, that still holds true today.  The link to the Cost vs. Value Report still works and gives you a choice of years to choose from.

Cost vs. Value Report

One of the reports I really look forward to each year is the National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) “Cost vs. Value Report“.  This report can help you make your own determination on whether a remodel project is worth it to you and gives you an idea of what you should be able to expect as a return on that investment.

If you’re thinking of doing a remodeling project for the sake of selling your home I would suggest speaking to an agent or home stager before doing anything.  I’ve noticed that sometimes sellers want to do too much

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In 2009 I wrote an article based on an HGTV "reality" show about a real estate sale in Chicago - you can read it here.  Today I read an article from Inman news about real estate and reality TV - check it out here.

When I write my own blog post in relation to a published article I usually go down the original list and write in my own thoughts.  I'm going to tackle it a bit differently today.

Editing and True Reality

Unless you've been interviewed for an article in a newspaper or magazine or have been on a television show, you don't realize how editing can skew your entire interview or the true happenings while filming a show/documentary.

editing orland park real estate informationI've been published many times in local newspapers and The Wall Street Journal Online even published a story

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