December 2013

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banks that reject the most mortgagesWhen I saw the heading of the article I found online I couldn't wait to click on it. I get so many buyers that have been pre-qualified by their personal bank. A few buyers received a financial benefit from using their banks, like a lower interest rate or closing cost help. But most do not. In fact, many buyers go to one of the big banks because they don't realize there are other financial options.

Even if I give them my list of fantastic mortgage brokers, they've already spoken to someone at the big bank and for some reason feel like they need to continue with that lender. One of my most recent closings was a buyer that regretted making that choice, which happened to be Wells Fargo. With that said, here is a list of the banks that reject the most

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Cook County real estate websiteUPDATE:  We have made another decision to go back to our original website provider since they've created the updates we've wanted.

We have made the decision to switch website providers for our Chicago suburbs real estate website after being with our prior vendor since 2005.  We needed something new and better.  There was a mandatory upgrade because of a change in Google maps that showed on all of the listings.  This upgrade meant having to purchase an entire new template.  The good thing was that the new templates were mobile friendly.  The bad news was that there were only 3 to choose from and I really didn’t like any of them.

I started investigating other website providers

I checked them all.  I figured if I was going to change providers I

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