January 2012

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I've been eagerly awaiting the sales stats for 2011 for Orland Park homes and surrounding areas, and they're finally out. I've posted quarterly and semi-annual stats and now we have the whole story.

# of Properties Sold % Change Average Sale Price % Change
2011 2010   2011 2010  
282 266 6% $318,088 $357,690 -11.1%

I was thinking we'd have a higher percentage of properties sold last year compared to 2010. A 6% increase is better than nothing or a decrease, but I thought it would be better.

The bad news is a double digit decrease in prices. Orland Park seemed to be holding price better than many other villages, but look at those average sales prices, comparing both years.

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For the first time in a while I feel optimistic for the upcoming year. We are busier than normal at this time of year, so I feel 2012 will be even better, and might show a quicker start to the selling season. We have some new things coming up and I'd like to briefly go over them here.

There's a new team in town

I have already introduced my husband Jimmy Herter and my son Matt Orr. Jimmy got licensed last year and is now a Broker. My son Matt has helped us out on and off over the years and he has committed to giving us more time. Matt is our "new" photographer with his new camera. Our photos have always received compliments from happy sellers, but we've now kicked them up a notch.

We have a new newsletter

orland park real estate newsletterEvery year I start out writing my

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