September 2011

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orland park home for saleWe are in the worst market I have experienced since I started in the business in 1983. My welcome to real estate was interest rates that shot up to 18% and even higher. There was a lot of creative financing out there, and homes were still being purchased. The good news is that those high rates didn't last very long, and the market got back to normal much quicker than what we are experiencing today.

There are way too many homes up for sale than buyers that can qualify for a mortgage. The lower priced homes are in competition with a slew of foreclosures and short sales so it's very hard to compete. If those sellers cannot sell their homes then they can't move up to the next home. It is a vicious circle, where you have to be priced really well and your

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It doesn't happen often lately, but once in a while I will show a home that is very heavy with old, rancid smelling cigarette smoke. It really hits you when you walk in the don't smoke in your orland park home for saledoor, and personally, I can't wait to get out of those homes, and in most cases my buyers feel the same. I've had buyers that have been so turned off by this that they won't even consider the home, even though it might be very nice and otherwise fit them.

I always give feedback (when requested) regarding this issue, and I can only hope those sellers will do something to mitigate the thick smoke odor in their homes. We had a listing of an Orland Park condo for sale and we noticed the smoke right away. The seller cleaned the carpets but it didn't get rid of it all. They cleaned them a

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