August 2011

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The New Invaders to play Taste of Orland Park

You might have seen The New Invaders at The Taste of Orland Park back in 2005, but the band is different today. Jay Goeppner is the new lead singer and there has been a recent addition of Rik Mallin on keyboards. Rik is singer Melody Mallin's Dad! Rik has been in different bands, the most recent was The Runaways.

Jay Goeppner has brought new life to this 60's-early 70's rock band. Jay still performs with the Beatle Brothers and was with Instant Karma Band. He has played with many other bands, including back-up for Cheap Trick. Look for Jay's bio on The New Invaders website to see all of the famous people Jay has worked with.

The band will be playing on Sunday, the 7th, at 4:00-6:00, opening for American English. Come early to see both acts. Taste

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