January 2011

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Ottimo Osteria Restaurant in Orland ParkI don't consider myself a food critic - as long as I don't have to cook it and clean up after, I'm pretty happy.  I will admit as I've aged my palette has become a bit choosier and I've actually stopped going to some restaurants if I don't like what I ordered or if the service was bad.

I've never been attracted to Italian restaurants as I usually don't order pasta and if I do, I prefer a sweeter sauce than many Italian restaurants make.  My favorite pasta/meat sauce is bolognese, which some restaurants do not make the way it should be (with carrots, which gives it a deep flavor).  I love it when I find a place that makes it correctly.

One weekend evening my husband and I were driving around looking for a place without a long wait.  We ran into

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lemont homes for sale are now higher than palos parkI was writing an article on another one of my blogs about Palos Park real estate and how it is the priciest southwest suburb when I viewed the latest sales stats from 2010.  Palos Park is no longer the highest priced village in the area, a title it has held for many, many years.  The new town with a high price tag is now Lemont, IL, with an average sale price in 2010 of $394,873 vs. Palos Park's average home price at $380,888.

I've always loved both villages but am surprised at this change.  Is Palos Park losing its luster?  Has Lemont truly won a popularity contest?  Why?

Both Palos Park and Lemont have new construction occurring, so it's not that you can't find new construction in Palos Park, and that's usually where some of the high prices come

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It's been an interesting year and I'm looking forward to year-end real estate sales statistics this year more than any other.  We keep losing agents that can no longer earn a living selling real estate.  However, 2010 has been one of my best years.  It hasn't been easy and I've had to make some changes, but I've done well in a challenging market.

I Moved to a New Home

I moved to the Orland Park/Homer Glen area and sold my Oak Lawn home.  I'm glad I had my own home for sale as it helps me explain the market to my other homer glen home buyersellers.  I sold my Oak Lawn home for less than what we paid for it in 2003.  Add the new windows, two new bathrooms, remodeled family room, new carpet, hardwood floors, interior & exterior paint, etc., and we lost a lot of money.

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