June 2008

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So many buyers call me asking me for a list of foreclosure property or ask about short sales thinking they're going to get a real deal.  I try to explain to them how it orland park short sale signworks and the fact that no one is guaranteed a "deal" when purchasing one of these properties.  In fact, I've seen many foreclosed and short sale properties where the bank won't budge on price and the prices are simply too high for the condition of the property.  On the foreclosed property I handled in Country Club Hills, the mortgage holder was ready to reduce price right when we got an offer.  That fact made the lower offer more acceptable to the bank since they were thinking of reducing.

Banks don't always understand the current market - or maybe they don't care 

I recently showed

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orland park investment properties can make moneyI rarely cite other blog posts even though I read quite a few and many of them are good.  But I usually have enough to write about so don't need to talk about other people's blog posts.  However, once in a while I find a gem that moves me.  I recently read a post about Real Estate Speculators Establishing Bottom-dollar Price for Lender-Owned Homes in Phoenix written by Greg Swann of Bloodhound Realty.  That's not even the whole post title.

Of all the good blog posts I read, why would I share one talking about the Phoneix market?  Aren't they worse off then we are?  Maybe, but I'm seeing our prices in the southwest suburbs continue to decline.  The inventory of available properties far outweighs the amount of available buyers.  And sellers here also

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