May 2008

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chicago short sale condominiumI am seeing more and more short sale listings as 2008 continues on it's slow course in real estate sales.  These listings are competing with the many other real estate listings that are being sold by home owners that want or need to move.  In some cases short sale prices and foreclosures are now being used as comparables by appraisers.  I've been on both ends of short sales.  I had a short sale listing and have presented buyer offers to several short sale listings.

I will talk about my short sale listing that was a condominium for sale in Chicago.  This unit was owned by an out-of-state seller that had only seen the condo once.  It was a family investment and a divorce caused the need to sell.  This condo was a conversion in an original Chicago mansion

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UPDATE:  This contest has ended but you might still be able to donate.

squirrel monkey eating flowerI recently participated in a contest geared towards real estate agents. My team won the contest and the prize was a great real estate website package worth around $5,000. We decided to put this website up for raffle with all proceeds going to the Eco Preservation Society and saving the Mono Titi monkey in Costa Rica.

What is a Mono Titi?

Costa Rica is one of the top booming hotspots in overseas real estate. It has become a popular vacation destination and this beautiful country is facing much new construction.

Of course, this interest has to affect the natural habitat, which is what has attracted tourists and the affluent who want to build second homes or even move to

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