April 2008

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orland park real estate newsI  haven't posted for a whle because we've been busy with our monthly real estate newsletter.  We have been experimenting with  different formats and have been forming a team of different real estate service providers that are sponsoring the newsletter titled Classic Dream Team, Eye-on-the-Market News.

This month's issue has our Featured Listing (the Yunker Schoolhouse already posted here) and a list of market statistics for 8 popular southwest suburbs comparing home prices from 2006 to 2007 and showing the increased or decreased percentages.

We also have a new feature called Ask The Experts titled "The Math Might Be in Your Favor."  We have more information pluse a coupon for dining at Sam Maguire's in Orland Park.  If you'd like to be on our

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UPDATE:  The owner decided not to sell and rented it out instead.  If you're interested in Orland Park real estate, whether residential or commercial, give Judy Orr a call at 708-536-8200.

Yunker school house orland parkThis is your chance to own a building that is part of Orland Park's history.  This is the original Yunker Schoolhouse built in 1910 and was part of School District 134.  It was closed in 1957 and was used for storage.  The current owner purchased it in 1987.  It is now an out building at a strip mall located on a corner with a stoplight at 143rd & Wolf Rd.  This location offers great visibility and plenty of parking.  The cable tower behind the building is not conveying.

It's much larger inside than it appears from the exterior.  It has a main level area with a

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What is hypermiling?

There are many definitions of hypermiling and even distinctions on who can actually claim they are a hypermiler.  In easy terms, it is learning to drive in a new way real estate agents can save dollars in their gas tank by hypermilingto save as much gas usage as you can, or to increase your MPG above the EPA as much as possible.  Fuel economy (FE) is the key.

I have read that some hypermilers get better gas mileage in their gas guzzling SUV's than the guy down the street driving a Prius normally.  Hypermilers seem to be a new sub-culture with contests and hypermiler "rock stars."

With gas headed to $4.00/gallon this summer, the term hypermiling might become a househould word.

You Have to Relearn How to Drive

The following are very simple hypermiling techniques:

  • Drive slooooooow -
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