March 2008

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I work with a lot of buyers and even I am amazed at how many short sale southwest Chicago suburbs listings are coming up that are short sales. chicago suburbs short sales

What is a short sale?

So many buyers have heard the term but don't know what it means.  A basic definition is that a short sale is where a bank/mortgage provider agrees to consider allowing the property to sell for less than what is currently owed on the mortgage.  These are also referred to as pre-foreclosure sales as the seller is trying to avoid foreclosure by attempting to sell their property.  I have heard of some areas such as Florida where short sales are accepted even when owners are current with their mortgage payments.  Normally, the home owner has to prove why they can no longer afford the

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spring harks the beginning of the orland park real estate season

Boy, do we need to be told it is finally Spring!  This has been a cold, snowy winter and I'm so done with the cold weather.  It's such a nice, sunny day out today and I feel invigorated.  I think buyers are feeling the same way.

I have been working non-stop since last week and am getting to the point that I can't handle all of the buyers that are coming out to view homes now.  I can only be at one place at one time!  That's why I'm starting to team up with other agents.  Last year was a record year for me but it started earlier.  This year has been a slower start but things are sure picking up.

I was optimistic about real estate in 2008 and with what has been happening recently with buyer interest and even more listings coming on market, I still

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tinley park baby left in carseatThere has been much debate over the local story about a Tinley Park mother of three that left her sleeping toddler in the car while she accompanied her other two kids to a Salvation Army kettle to donate some money.  The child was sleeping plus it was icy out.  The family station wagon was parked at the curb about 30 feet away and was locked with the emegency flashers on.

This happened at a Crestwood Wal-mart and a community police officer arrested the Mom when she returned to her car.  The arrest changed this Mom's life and her family's.  She was arrested in front of her children.  The family was investigated by DCFS.  She has been the center of a well publicized child neglect case.  Anyone that knows this woman feels she is an excellent parent.

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I network with other real estate professionals on several different real estate forums and communities and I readthrough all of the real estate publications I receive people shouldn't blame real estate agents for the bubble burstingas being a member of 3 separate real estate organizations I belong to.  I have read a couple of articles that upset me with their implications.  These articles state that we, as real estate agents, need to shoulder some of the blame for the current state of short sales and foreclosures, meaning the buyers we worked with that are now losing their homes.

I'm sure there might have been some unscrupulous agents that were in cahoots with bad mortgage companies that were working together to crank out one bad loan after another.  But with the surge in foreclosures, I truly don't think this kind

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It's hard for me to refer to the original World Music Theatre by its current name, The First Midwest Bank Amphmusicians in Tinley Park First Midwest Bank Ampitheatreitheatre.  That just isn't a very catchy name.  I knew something was up when my husband told me that Jimmy Buffett (sorry, not a fan) was going to be playing at Bridgeview's Toyota Park instead of the venue that put Tinley Park real estate on the map.

In fact, The First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre was put up for sale last summer at a price tag of 50 million dollars.  I'm not sure what is meant by the following taking from the Southtown Star newspaper:  The current owners, Live Nation, will not sell it to anyone who would maintain it as an entetainment vanue.  But in another paragraph it is stated:  The man charged with selling the property, CB

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