June 2007

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UPDATE:  Unfortunately, the Gelato Grotto is closed.  I was very sad to find this out as I visited and saw the closed sign.  I wasn't sure the southwest suburbs would accept gelato but the restaurant also offered soups, sandwiches, coffee and desserts.  I was hoping it was well rounded enough to stay in business.  But sadly, it didn't.

gelato grotto in palos heights

I recently had a Palos Heights townhouse for sale near 135th & Ridgeland Ave. (that I sold myself) and I had my eye on a little storefront called Gelato Grotto that was not yet open.  Every time I drove down that street I would check to see if there was activity.  Sometimes I drove into the parking lot to look in.  I felt like I was stalking the place!

Finally, one day I was checking it out and it looked like there

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real estate is slow as a turtle for some agentsI'm sure you've read about the market slowing down.  A lot of what we read is using national statistics and you need to do some local research if you're really interested about the market in your area.

While many agents have been complaining about the slow market, I am heading for a record year.  I believe my real estate presence with my Chicago suburbs real estate site is bringing me net savvy buyers and sellers and agents that do not have a real estate website are still relying on the old fashioned methods of marketing.

However, as local as real estate is, even putting all of the suburbs together won't give you the exact market your specific town might be in.  There is also a different market between single family vs. condos and townhomes and

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