April 2007

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first time la grange home buyersAfter being a licensed REALTOR® since 1983, you'd think I'd become used to certain aspects of the business. But it's always exciting to work with first-time buyers and find them the first property they'll ever own, be it a mobile home, condo, townhouse or single family residence.

I just had a closing for La Grange real estate and this was the first home for my buyers. They were such a pleasure to work with. I was able to find them the best home in their price range.

What made everything enjoyable was that we communicated well. Their expectations were reasonable for the market. They used my favorite mortgage company/loan officer. They provided the mortgage company with all documents needed in a timely manner.

We even had a last minute glitch

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One of Chicago's recent celebrities, Adrian the coyote, has been released in the northwest suburbs. In reading more on the Quizno coyote, I felt bad that the reason Adrian ended up in the cooler was because he actually fell back from trying to jump over the counter and ended up in the cooler. He was probably scared and possibly a little hurt. Poor guy.

But he has a happy ending and is back where he should be. The people at Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation had the pleasure of releasing Adrian from his moments of captivity. Once again, Adrian's popularity was not lost as photographers followed every step. You can see Adrian's release photos on the Flint Creek blog in the link above.

If you've never seen a real-life coyote, you can visit Big Run

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The wildlife is getting restless in the Chicago area.  I'm going to need to make a new category for Chicago Wildlife.  I love animals.  I am afraid of snakes.  I certainly don't like spiders, but I can get close enough to kill them (if they look scary enough) or I have even transferred them outside.  Snakes arattlesnake in illinoisre another thing. 

I swear I almost ended up in the hospital one time when I was gardening and a snake touched my hand (trying to get away).  I lost my breath & was jumping around and screaming so much I'm surprised someone didn't call the cops.  We have a resident garter snake (a big one) that seems to share our Homer Glen backyard with our neighbors.  My husband named him Snickers.  I don't want to run into him.

I did not know northern

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Imagine having lunch in the Quiznos sandwich shop at 37 E. Adams, Chicago's downtown Loop area, and having acoyote walk in. It was a warm Chicago spring day and the front door was opened to let the fresh air in. I suppose after realizing it wasn't someone's seeing eye dog checking out the wares while leaving his human somewhere outside, customers made a mad dash out of the place. Luckily, the coyote, nicknamed Adrian by animal control, did not chase after the customers as they left.

Instead, Adrian tried jumping over the counter, probably not knowing or caring about the high calories and fat content in most of Quizno's offerings. When you're a young (about 1 1/2 yrs.), hungry male coyote you don't care about things like that. But darn, those counters

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