August 2006

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I've never suggested to my seller clients to do this, but over the years I think a few have.  Personally, I don't know if I believe it was St. Joseph that selling your orland park home by burying a st joseph statue
caused the sale, but if sellers want to give the statue the credit, so be it.  My husband Jimmy Herter is a true believer and just buried a St. Joe statue at his newest listing.

I also pictured people burying a large statue (like a large doll size) but I guess there is an internet source for a 3 1/2 inch version that you can purchase at based in California.  I'm not sure where my husband got his statue.

Hey, the market is slowing and sellers need all the help they can get, especially with summer ending in Chicago suburbs - although I still recommend pricing your property

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cook and will county real estate sales are both downAs a seller in today's market you might be questioning whether the news about the real estate downturn is a bunch of hype which gives your agent an excuse for your home not selling.  I subscribe to a weekly newsletter by the Illinois Association of REALTORS (IAR), of which I am a member.

In one of the articles it states "Second quarter home sales are down 6.1 percent."  Upon further investigating it shows a graph where Cook County sales are down 7.8% and Will County real estate sales are down a whopping 18.3%.

There is some good news.  The median sale price was up an average of 3% in the second quarter of this year.  It was a bit higher for both Cook and Will counties.

This just reiterates the fact that as a seller you need to make sure your

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I have been wanting to try out the new Evergreen Park walking trail located in Yukich Park at approximately 90th & Kedzie.  It is on the east side of the street.  walk your dog at Yukich Park in Evergreen Park IL

It states that it is about 1.4 miles long around and there are a couple of different paths to make the walk longer or shorter.  There are several ponds with shooting water features when you drive up but there is no tree coverage so on a hot, sunny day this would be a sweltering walk.

We actually went around 3 times since it was one of the cooler days we've had recently.  You basically walk around the sports fields in the middle.  There is a cemetary to the east over the fence.  On the west side there is a skating rink and it was interesting to watch the skateboarders inside.

Not one of

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sw chicago suburbs real estate market going downI have been reading headlines referring to the slowdown of the real estate market in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. It is actually affecting most of the nation. The party is certainly over.

First off, most buyers have made their purchasing decision within the past 5 years when interest rates were at record lows. I personally believe these low interest rates will cause buyers to remain in their homes longer than usual because it will be difficult to give up those low rates unless they absolutely have to move because of a job change, growing family, downsizing, divorce, etc. This will affect the real estate industry years down the road.

There is always a slackening in sales around this time of year because most families have made their purchase so

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