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judy orr published in southtown star and chicago sun times newspapersSome of my fellow agents, friends and clients have seen my recent press.  It started a few weeks ago with a WallStreet Journal article about how I lost the domain name for my Oak Lawn real estate website.  Many other news sources across the nation picked the WSJ article.

Please be assured that I did not forget to pay my $9.00 fee.  I relied on my web host to let me know what the problem was when my site first went off-line since I purchased the domain name through them.  They finally figured it out the 2nd time the site went down but by that time it was too late.

The story was captured by two local papers, The Southtown Star and The Chicago Sun Times.  The Southtown Star article wasn't as bad as the Sun Times article which made it sound like I

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st patrick's day in southwest chicago suburbsI will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day 2006 very close to home.  My husband's one band (he's in two), The New Invaders, will be playing a dinner show tonight at Niko's in Bridgeview.  The address is 7600 S. Harlem Ave. and the phone number is 708-496-0300.  Doors open at 7:00 pm and dinner is at 7:45 pm.

This is one of the New Invader's big shows with Melody Mallin and go-go girls!  Whatever you do, please have a safe St. Patrick's Day.

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southside irish parade southwest chicago suburbsAround 250,000 people crowded together on Chicago's south side to view the annual tradition of the Southside Irish Parade.  There was alot of green!   Green t-shirts, hats, cups, face painting and even green hair.  There was also a lot of beer.

The parade featured about 130 floats that made their way down Western Avenue starting at noon until around 3:00 p.m.  Parade goers had another good weather day.  You never know what kind of weather we'll get in Chicago at this time of year.

Even with all of the revelry it seemed like most people were displaying good behavior.  There were only 4 minor arrests which I think is pretty good with that amount of people plus the warmer weather.

We have fun on the south side of Chicago.  If you're thinking of

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dying the chicago river green for st. patrick's day

The City of Chicago takes St. Patrick's Day very  seriously. Celebrations occur even before the actual date. Today at 10:45 a.m., The Chicago River was dyed green to signify the beginning of St. Patrick's Day festivities. At noon the downtown St. Patrick's Day parade will commence starting at Balbo and Columbus Dr.

Dying the river is a debated subject. It has been done since the early 1960's. It is dyed by a pipefitter's union who uses fluoresein dye which is supposedly harmless, although some people question that fact.

However, this day most likely is the day that more people come down to see the river than any other day of the year. Although it is drizzling rain today it is one of the warmest days for the St. Patrick's Day parade in

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Losing The Berghoff Restaurant is the one I've felt the most emotional about in the series of lost Chicago icons I've written (Marshall Fields & Trader Vic's).  The Berghoff Restaurant has been a Chicago establishment for 107 years.  It is in its third generation of family who want to retire.  They closed the doors yesterday, February 28, 2006.

berghoff restaurant chicago is closing downBeing in real estate my first question is why not sell it?  But this restaurant has been passed down to 3 generations of family and they felt it would be best to leave it that way.  The current owners simply want to move on.  The good news is that their daughter, Carlyn, will now occupy the building, located at 17 W. Adams St., with her catering business called Artisitic Events.  It has been written that she

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