December 2005

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To ensure the safety of those celebrating New Year's Eve with alcoholic beverages, Chicago is keeping its tradition of offering penny rides on the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and Pace. CTA buses, trains and Pace buses will offer penny rides from 8:00p.m. tonight (Saturday) through 6a.m. tomorrow (Sunday, January 1st). Extra service will be established on several routes. The CTA will run on its usual holiday schedule on Monday. Have a safe and happy New Year 2006.

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snowy homer glen road

I’ve written it before – I hate winter.  The first snow of the year can definitely be pretty, but the pretty usually doesn’t last that long.  Soon after it becomes dirty, muddy and slushy.  Or it can freeze to be dangerous, slippery ice.   I’ll never forget when I was about 7 or 8 years old and the family was going to visit my aunt on her farm.  My mother slipped on ice and fell.  I thought she was dead, but thankfully her long, thick fur coat helped break the fall a little.  She was OK, but it’s stamped in my mind.

My son slipped on ice and fell straight on his face when he was about 6.  I can’t believe that the school didn’t call me sooner.  It happened in the morning when he walked to school and I went to work.  When I arrived to get him in the

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no smoking in Chicago Illinois

I was surprised to find that the smoking ban was passed as discussions I had seen and heard made it seem unlikely that this ban would actually be implemented. Smoking will be banned at all stores, restaurants, sports arenas and other public areas as of January 16, 2006.

The exception to the above is taverns and restaurant bars/lounges that have until July 1, 2008 to comply with the ban. A tavern is considered as any establishment that earns at least 65 percent of proceeds from the sale of alcohol. After January 16th of 2006, smoking will only be allowed within 15 feet of the bar and will be banned within 15 feet of the entrance of any building where smoking is banned.

There are exceptions to the ban. Smoking will be allowed at private clubs such

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