James Herter, REALTOR®

Jimmy Herter received his real estate license in 2011. He has a commercial construction background as he was raised in a construction family business. Jimmy grew up about 5 blocks from Judy but they never met until about 21 years ago as Jimmy attended parochial school and Judy was “public.”

Jimmy is also a musician. His main band is The New Invaders, a 60’s & 70’s British Invasion band. He also performs solos, duets, and trios and plays with different musicians and bands. The license plate on his car is RKN RLTR, although many people can’t decipher it (Rockin Realtor)!

With Judy’s 36+ years of experience and Jimmy’s construction background, they make a knowledgeable and well-rounded husband and wife REALTOR® team. You can reach Jimmy at 708-207-5324.

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