Why Do Real Estate Agents Leave Out Important Information In Ads?

orland park real estate advertisingWhen real estate agents advertise home in newspapers they don't expect to get many calls since newspaper advertising died when the Internet became the most popular way to search homes for sale.  I've had buyers act angry about this fact until I explained the reason behind the way real estate agents advertise properties for sale.  Most agents that still advertise in newspapers and real estate magazines do so because they don't have an Internet presence.  

We know when a buyer is perusing a newspaper for homes for sale they are actually eliminating properties that are not right for them.  If we gave them all pertinent information such as price, area located, multiple listing number, etc., there would be no need for them to call with any kind of inquiry.

Why would we want to get calls from buyers that aren't interested in a particular property for sale?  Because this is one way of being able to work with buyers.  I personally do not enjoy being a dual agent (working with both the seller and the buyer).  But I might be looking for buyers to work with by showing them other Chicago suburb properties for sale.

If I give all the information in my ads, then most of the buyers won't even bother calling.  You might think, but if they're already angry about having to call so many agents, why would I want to make buyers mad?

Once a buyer starts talking to me, they usually know I am very knowledgeable and friendly.  I try to be as informative and helpful as I can over the phone.  If buyers feel a good rapport with me, they are usually willing to let me do some work for them, such as starting them up on my Automated Home Finder program.

Most of the time buyers call on ads they either do not get the listing agent or have to wait for the agent to call back.  It can get very time consuming and confusing trying to sort out so many ads and wait for responses.  That's when I hope a buyer calls me, because I can offer them a solution to the property searching that will save them so much time and effort.

Sometimes buyers might be working with an agent that they don't really care for and are open to working with someone new.   I want to be sure they at least get to talk to me whether one of my advertised listings is for them or not.

Although I dislike considering myself as a typical salesperson, selling real estate does require marketing.  The chance of a property selling because of an ad is very low (around 1-3%).  So agents are really advertising to get buyers!  And that is the simple answer to why we don't include everything in an ad.

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